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    The Downfall of Naruto!!

    *Note this thread is strictly my opinion and how i feel about the Naruto now. Maybe it'll change? BUT
    Personally, I disliked this chapter alot.... The naruto series has dropped so much in the past years and even more so in the past months. I think in their attemps to 1. keep us interested and 2. adding insane twists, has runied the series a bit. I love the Naruto series a ton and Kishimoto's work but I feel things are getting out of hand. I mean, is Kishi still in charge of the series? lol <--------JOKE because it doesnt seem like it.

    First, lets look at the fight factor. I say this is because this is the main reason i've been disappointed for the naruto series for quite sometime now. Most of the fights since the The Itachi VS Sasuke fight, the fights have seemed rigged or have not been fullfilling. This includes the manga and and anime. For example, yeah its cool seeing Naruto gain control of kyuubi but now he can give kyuubi chakra to other ppl!? COME ON!! We wait weeks for this chapter and it turns out to be a waste of time... more talking and stupid twists...

    Other examples:

    1. Orochimaru coming back. cool because I like him but if it was that easy why didn't he come back sooner? didn;t make sense.

    2. The Raikage vs Sasuke. Sasuke's amateratsu should've destroyed the heck outta him!

    3. Sasuke vs Bee. Bee was so strong back then and so smart to avoid getting captured. But now he's weaker than Hinata <-----joke but really thats what it seems like.

    4. The Gold and Silver Bros? These were the guys who had a hand in killing the 2nd Hokage and yet they can't beat Darui? This didn't make sense.

    5. Edo Kakazu's defeat? This really didn't make sense because he was one of the strongest akatsuki members and now that he's edo he should've been even tougher to beat. If mean if its not going to make sense dont bring him back.

    6. Ten ten wielding the one of the SO6P weapons? Tobi turning out to be obito? Yeah... this list could go on and on and these are just a FEW examples. I know that everything cannot be explained and it wont be perfect but seriously the series is not adding up and it's not fulling as it first was. I dont know if i'm the the only one feeling this way but the series has def fallen off a tad. :shrug:

    Naruto used to be my #1 anime but it's def dropped to my number 5 or 6.
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