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    A fantasy Story Chapter22 Part 2

    Past chapters:
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    Here's a character backstory:
    Gary: the pervert Protagonist, partially lost his memory, he tries to get his memory back by returning to the Empire, he's excelled at mixing elemental affinities with his katana sword beside summoning deities from another world.
    Ame: the sweet imp-princess, strangely Gary's wife, she helps Gary on his quest with her healing abilities and water element use.
    Genji: the logical-speaking guy, he doesn't know -like everybody else- what tribe he's, he got expelled from his village because of his appearence and ability to suck people energy and ability to control trees, he joined this journey to find out more about himself.
    Eduna (A.K.A Marcelline):a mysterious powerful priestess she seems to know as much as Julius does, she joined the rebellion war against the tyrant, later she was revealed to be a part of the royal family as well, but more surprisingly an immortal 1000 years old woman.
    Rose: the french speaking Fairy, she's more pervert than Gary she joined the group for fun, she has the power to charm any male, she has sensorial abilities, and wide magical abilities.
    Ignius: a man who've been cursed by Julius into a hideous dragon-man he seeks to avenge from Julius, with his brute raw strentgh and perfect fire element use.
    Zhein: Gary's friend and adoptive brother who've been kidnapped but saved by the Tyrant' chancellor, he now on the good side, he's a hand to hand fighter, with wide knowledge over magic seals.
    Julius: the Tyrant Chancellor, he's a mysterious man, with mysterious motives, his powers are unique, he tries to bring peace without looking at the cost, he is revealed to be an ancient deity that wants to bring all world to nothingness.
    Kalina: Gary's mother and the best known earth manipulator on the main land.
    The scions of Exoddia: a group of six powerful men who were summoned by Julius to help him get Gary and Zhein:
    Halmius: A blonde man with a masked face, he later was revealed to be Eduna's old lover, eventually she killed him in a rampage.
    Logh: A puppeter, and a living puppet himself, he fights using his enormous amount of puppets, and a special torturing magic...he's claimed to be having their friend Tobi's body.
    Pashtaroth: A knight, he's the evil human version of Ignius, he fights with swords and monsterous techniques such as dead reviving techs, He was defeated in a battle against Ignius.
    Nabri: A short man with his left face side covered in a wooden mask, Revealed to be like Genji, he's claimed to be the only one able to counter his wood technique, by summoning weapons made of special metal that can be deadly for Genji's kind...
    Emmero: The only female scion, a woman with a pale blue skin, she wears a rain coat, and her eyes are bandaged, she is Ame's evil counterpart, she uses high level water, ice and steam techs.
    Lahabrea: A mysterious man his face is masked with a skull mask, nothing revealed about him yet except that he's the only one able to take on Gary, then he was revealed to be Gary's father Gen'yin of another dimension...
    Genesis: Lahabrea's main summon, under the form if a giant baby that seems to be able to have a large portion of spells, as he was revealed that he's supposed to be Gary but of another reality

    Well:ghehe: Uxel's presents you a History book style: Wall text chapter no jutsu!
    ************************************************** **************************************
    Gary after the battle against his father Gen'yin under the alias "Lahabrea", became more interested in seeking power, so he asked Eduna to teach him on of the lost secret arts of the tyrant family, the one named "Cursed Tyranny"…

    Eduna's face frowned, staring in Gary's serious eyes, she closed hers for moments then she asked: "Why is that?"…

    Gary answered: "Because I want to save mom, with all costs…even if I had to use black arts…"

    Eduna stood and walked away saying: "This is another reason for why I didn't want to have children…that art is so damned, sorry Gary I can teach you anything but that…"

    The young man punched the stone he was sitting on, and begged his friend: "Please Eduna! I've seen the power of that art, you managed to defeat the seven pillars of heavens and our triple fire spell with ease, even my deity force was nullified with it! If there's an art that can help me, then it's the Cursed Tyranny! Please for mom sake!"

    Eduna held Hein's necklace saying to herself: "Dear Lord…is this fate unescapable?! Do I have to fulfill my duty as an Evermor…even with a Zheinian child?" then she turned to Gary: "Well, I agree…but don't blame me if you died!"…

    Gary gulped saying: "Ok....ay" with hesitation…

    The priestess pulled her rapier and took her attacking stance and ordered Gary: "Then come to me with that holy blade of yours!"

    Gary charged his katana with lightning and fearlessly attacked Eduna, the latter blocked his attack with ease, she closed her eyes to open them quickly revealing snake like pupils and few scales around her face: "Now you shall know why it's called Tyranny" Eduna said shortly before the sparks on the youngman's sword turned purple and started to leave his blade and be absorbed to the priestess' side…

    Gary jumped back in fear: "Impossible…my lightning? It was absorbed? But how?"…

    Eduna waved with her rapier than released a powerful shockwave of dark lightning in the air, she turned to her student: "Now use fire!", and so the man did sending a fire slash at his master…

    The latter stood still, and wierdly she ingulfed the flames, to release them as a crimson fireball in the air, then she covered her eyes, to revert back into a human, Gary approached her saying: "Wow that was incredibly awesome aunt! I really wanted to learn some…" but he stopped when he saw her breaths turning heavier…

    "Auntie? What happened?"The worried Gary asked, Eduna took a deep breath then she answered: "It's alright boy, it's a drawback of the Cursed Tyranny…now you see what I mean by a damned art?!"…

    Gary nodded his head, and his hand shaked: "Now I'm ignited! I wanna learn it!"…

    Eduna smiled saying: "Heh you really reminds me of myself back then when I was your age"…

    Gary laughed asking: "We both are sexy, weren't we?"…

    The priestess blushed: "You disgraceful kid!" and she punched his head lightly…

    Gary turned serious: "Now please how can I do that?"…

    Eduna sat asking him to do the same, and started to explain: "Well first you need to understand why was this art created, and how magia works so listen carefully"…

    And so the priestess started to tell the tale of this mysterious dark art: "This art was born before my era with a millenium, meaning it was born on the hands of the seventh Tyrant Hyuzes Zaler, the main purpose of this magic as its name suggests is Tyranny…

    It allows the user to manipulate surrounding magic, and even other people's at his own will, like I did with your attacks just minutes ago, but the main reason of creating it was to control things more powerful than that…"

    Gary predicted the answer saying: "Deities!"…

    Eduna said: "Exactly…We call them deities but they are too far away from reaching the level of their creator, they lack perfectness their weakness was their power, because they were unlike us made of pure magia…

    Basing on that the seventh tyrant thought that creating such style of magic can allow him to have his grip over the omnious powers of the Karielm dwellers; the seven Arch deitites, with their force he would rule the world, it was a counterpart to your deity powers; while deity magic matches the deity's powers, the Cursed Tyranny supresses it…

    He managed to create it using forbidden arts of body bending, and successfully he tamed Edin, Avaloniir, Chirin, Sphinx, Quetzl, and Fenix using it, and from that day our family ruled the middle region of the main land…

    But a hero named Zhein Yussir who was blessed with a kind heart, a brave soul, a wise mind, and a strong will fought him with the help of Exoddius the seventh deity, and the two managed to conquer the tyrant and restore the world's balance…

    And so the defeated Tyrant's promised hour came, he passed this secret art to the oldest of his five sons; Evermor Zurihan my great anscestor…

    But things didn't get well after Zaler's death, three of the five branches of the royal family died leaving only two blood lines; the Evermor's which was ended with me, and Arachmadeis' which died with the Tyrant of your era…

    The secret lived in my family as the secret of secrets, even the other branch's members of the royal tribe weren't allowed to know it and with this tradition, I was the inheritor of the Cursed Tyranny…"

    Gary expressed his impression: "Wow…that sure is a history…now what are we waiting for? C'mon I wanna learn it!"…

    Eduna answered his reckless behaviour saying: "First since you are not my son, I need to pass it to your blood line through rituals…"

    The youngman creeped out remembering when his mother gave him her blessing through blood rituals: "You aren't going to make me suck blood from your thumb ,aren't you auntie?"Gary asked …

    Eduna answered: "Our rituals are different than yours…now close your eyes and turn your face to the right"…

    Gary did what he was asked for, and unaware, Eduna bite his neck like a vampire, her newly grown fangs went deep in his veins, as he felt dizzy, and fell inconscious for moments…

    He woke up panicking: "What the…what happened?!" he asked…

    Eduna answered: "Congratulations you are now a part of Evermor's bloodline…now I can teach you Cursed Tyranny"…

    Gary jumped of joy and started examining his arms and face with his hands like he's looking for something, which made the priestess ask: "What are you doing?"

    The young man answered: "The scales! We are those cool scales you used to have when you enters that phase?! I want some too!"…

    Eduna put her palm over her face saying: "You are such a reckless child! Enough! Now I need you to think as dark as you can"…

    The youngman exclamtated: "As dark? As I can? What does that mean?"…

    The priestess' accent turned creepy: "Look deep inside your heart, and find the darkest, the saddest, and the most wrathful thought you can find, then we can proceed with your training"…

    The trainee scratched his head: "Why's that for?"…

    Eduna started to explain: "Well because magia is a mystical force that our body produce as a mixture of many elements, basically two types of inner energy and a common type of outer energy…"

    Gary seemed that he didn't get the point which made Eduna continue: "Inner energy consists two types; Physical body energy which allow you to make your magic compatible to be molded with one of the basic natural elements…

    A spiritual emotional energy that gives your magic the physical visible form as well as governing the shadow type magic too…

    Then an outer source which is the magia spread around the world, that helps you manipulate your surrounding…"

    Gary spinned his head: "Nah still didn't get it…what does all that have to do with having cool scales?!"…

    "Will you forget about those scales!?" The priestess scoldered her apprentice: "Now, to make it simple I want you to perform the phantom blade technique…"

    Gary performed his shadow blade skill with ease as ordered…"Now what did you feel when you performed it?" Eduna asked…

    The youngman said: "Well Avaloniir taught me that to perform it I need to think of something that gives me big pleasure then release my shadow magia making my sword conduct it…(an idea flashed in his head)Gah! That's it!...shadow magic is different because you'll need specific emotions to perform it, no wonder Rose becomes aroused when she performs her charms, or so serious when she performs gravity bomb! I transform mye motion into magic force! So is the Cursed Tyranny a shadow technique too?!"…

    Eduna smiled: "No it's not an elemental technique or I'd never be able to use it, keep in mind that those elements we master are inherited from our parents and family, and because in your veins runs the magic blood of Zidane Miredia you can use Holy, fire, water, earth, wind, and shadow with ease…"

    Gary blushed: "yeah I'm cool, I know! So what do sad, wrathful and dark emotions and your bite have to do with making such art?"the youngman asked…

    The priestess explained: "That's why it's called Cursed…In order to make balance you'll need the Tyrant's physical energy, which was the purpose of biting you, to make you inherit the blood of the tyrant, then the Tyrant's spiritual energy which only comes from malice, sorrow, and wrath…in short you'll need to think like the Tyrant…"

    Gary dropped sweat just for hearing that: "Wow…that's creepy but I'll try…" and so he closed his eyes trying to remember a dark memory of his part, but he just couldn't because all what was in his mind were perverted thoughts…

    He stopped to ask his tutor saying: "Auntie…what did you exactly remember to perform your Cursed Tyranny?"…

    The latter frowned then answered: "Well I guess you already know…"

    Gary remembered Eduna's dark memories: "You mean your family's death don't you? Your mom, granny, and your father?"…

    Eduna feelings made her confess: "I killed my father to be honest"…

    Gary looked shocked: "What!? I thought he died in your arms!"…

    The priestess accent turned sad: "He asked me to kill him, he said that it's the only way to inherit the powers of the tyrant, and if I didn't do it that time he'll kill me so I was afraid and…"

    Gary interrupted her: "Enough Auntie! I think I found it" Gary said while closing his eyes as he started to recall the day he entered the royal games, the moment he lost his friend Kyle who've been incinerated alive by Julius…he remembered how desperate, sad, scared, and angry he was when witnessing his friend's horrible death: "That's it" he said…

    "That's good now focus on it" Eduna ordered…

    The youngman started to get enraged, his emotions started to loose control, flowing furiously into his soul: "Please! Make him stop!" he struggled but more sad feelings rushed into his head preventing him from awaking…

    Eduna coldly ignored him saying: "Now seal them! lock them in your heart!"…

    Gary held his heart tightly as tears started to drop from his eyes, and his screams started to go higher and higher catching his friends' attention…

    Eduna sensed his powers, she felt huge evil coming from him, she tried to stop him but a dark shockwave was released from the trainee's body prevented her from moving she didn't believe her senses expressing her shock:"Impossible…how can such kind hearted person have such hatred? That malice I sense…it's greater…it's greater than mine…and even than my father's!"…

    To be continued

    ************************************************** **************************************
    Morals of this chapter:
    1. Even Gary can make drama...
    2. The Tyrant family is such a messed up family...
    3. Gary have an enigmatic fetish for scales...
    4. Don't you wonder where all the evil that Gary carries is coming from?


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    Re: A fantasy Story Chapter22 Part 2

    nice work

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    Re: A fantasy Story Chapter22 Part 2

    "You are weak, why are you so weak? It's because you lack... HATRED!" -Itachi

    Nice chapter man, I can say I enjoyed reading this chapter more than some of the previous ones... I like these dark emotions, keep them coming. *evil laugh*

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    Re: A fantasy Story Chapter22 Part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by -Tsuki View Post
    "You are weak, why are you so weak? It's because you lack... HATRED!" -Itachi

    Nice chapter man, I can say I enjoyed reading this chapter more than some of the previous ones... I like these dark emotions, keep them coming. *evil laugh*
    Oh you'll see more of them coming that way...:zonder:

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    Re: A fantasy Story Chapter22 Part 2

    Haha! Really good! :D Gary is such a funny guy! His demand for scales & being a pervert....he kinda reminds me of Naruto!! :p LOL!

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