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    Sannin/3way deadlock/rock paper scissors - elemental fail?


    Please understand, that I am talking about rock paper scissors/slug snake toad.
    This thread is about that system and not about who would win in general.

    Slug wins vs snake.
    Snake wins vs toad.
    Toad wins vs slug.

    This system, slug snake toad, is like rock paper scissors.
    That means:

    Tsunade wins vs Oro.
    Oro wins vs Jiraiya.
    Jiraiya wins vs Tsunade.

    Elemental wise, this does not work for the Sannin, cause the exact opposit is happening.

    Oro uses Wind.
    Jiraiya uses Fire and Earth.
    Tsunade is assumed to have lightning, due to her attack on Kabuto, but her elemental affinity is kinda unknown.

    Oro would lose elemental wise to Jiraiya. Wind loses to Fire.
    However Oro is suppose to win, cause of Snake>Toad.
    Jiraiya would lose elemental wise to Tsunade if she has lightning. Earth loses to Lightning.
    However Jiraiya is suppose to win, cause of Toad>Slug (and he got punched 24/7 by her :p and didnt win her heart either, but that is a different topic ).
    Tsunade would lose elemental wise to Oro if she has lightning. Lightning loses to Wind.

    Has this been done on purpose?
    That their elemental affinities are getting countered, by the opponent who they are suppose to beat?
    Has it been done on purpose that elemental wise, it works the other way around?

    Sasuke, Naruto and Sakura, work differently.

    Naruto has Wind and Sasuke has 2 elements, Fire and Lightning.
    Yet Jiraiya has Fire and Earth and Oro has Wind like Naruto, which is the other way around.

    Naruto can counter Lightning with Wind and would lose to an equal Fire attack with an equal Wind attack.
    If Naruto is Jiraiya, than he is suppose to lose to Sasuke, yet he has a counter elemental affinity to Sasuke.

    Sakura is unknown and Tsunade kinda as well.

    The rock paper scissors or Slug Snake Toad system might been thrown overboard a bit, or not? Sasuke uses Hawks now even, so the Slug Snake Toad has turned into Slug Hawk Toad >_<.

    What do you think of this people?
    I found it interesting and I thought I would share.
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