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    [Sun Guardian: Finals] Erzo vs. Tybone

    Rei's Rules & Regulations
    • No Kai or Sub
    • Five Basic Elements, Nin, Gen, Tai Allowed
    • No Customs, KGs, or Special Abilities
    • Terrain: An open field with the Luciano Mansion to Erzo's left(Tybone's right) and a river to Erzo's right(Tybone's left)
    • Range: Mid
    • You have 7 days to finish this fight, then they'll be closed and graded by the guardians
    • Arguing is not advised whatsoever, but if you have a question or two, keep it to VM/PM/MSN
    • You are to go to the guardians if you have any concerns

    Tybone, go ahead and post your biography and Erzo shall make his move as he chose because he is the person in the top.

    The fight will be extended for a week or so till Erzo finishes his exams, after all this is the final match and no one wants it to be finished by a technicality. :p

    Make the fight awesome guys, good luck!
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