With the world in complete disarray and wars raging endlessly between countries the governments of each land came together as one and thought big. It was this big thinking that gave birth to 'The Radiant Island of Paradise' (RIP for short), with the idea of this horrific, torturous place in their minds the governments set about destroying the rebels. After a short but significant blood bath the rebellion was over and the governments regained complete control of the masses, but control was not enough, they needed something bigger, they needed to send a message, therefore this worldwide phenomena began. The government began taking people from their homes, workplaces or just from the streets, their intentions at first were unclear, they were silent about their intentions and kept their antics private allowing the families of the taken (tributes) to believe it was a regular kidnapping, the space they left between each made this story believable. This continued for one year and then the once deceased television network of the lands sparked into life, everywhere in the world the televisions were switching on simultaneously, and with only one channel available everyone on the planet were forced to watch as the tributes were dropped onto an island and left in the public eye to work out what their purpose was, afraid, stranded and unaware of the prying eyes the victims began to search. Eventually the islands secrets were revealed, with the emergence of film and television as a major force just before the rebellion started the government were using this beloved art form against the world. As the time passed everything became clear. The Island is now operating in it's 20th year, and it has never been more deadly.

The island is split into 'zones'. Each of these zones is filled with beings/ creatures from well known series', be it film, television, book or just common knowledge. The respective zones are all built with one purpose, to inflict pain and ultimately death upon the people dropped onto the island. Each zone is separated from the next by a huge invisible forcefield which emits an electrical charge when touched, the charge is capable of leaving the victim unconscious for up to two hours.

Anyone dropped into the arena begins in zone one with a basic survival kit consisting of rope, a basic first aid kit (bandages, freeze spray etc.), thin string, an empty flask a small mostly blunt knife and a small green key; the key to the forcefields. When used the key creates a small opening in the contacted part of the forcefield the size of an average doorway (the opening can be seen as it emits a bright blue glow when opened), this allows the tribute(s) to pass through into the neighbouring zone, once opened the pass stays open for 5 minutes and after use the key is deactivated for 48 hours.

The zones are as follows:
1. The Beginning of the Journey.
After being dropped onto the island the 'tributes' will find themselves on this vast desert ranging further than the eye can see in every direction, with no known water source many die of dehydration before they even enter the thick of what the island has to offer. Think Sahara desert, you're dropped in the very centre.

After escaping the vast desert area the fun truly begins:

2. The 'Lord of the Rings' Zone.
This zone is one of the larger zones on the island and consists of varying terrain, there are mines underground which stretch across the whole of the zone, these mines are concrete for the most part and hold very little light throughout although the walls are lined with torches that are usually kept alight for viewing purposes. Many large doorways and staircases provide cover from enemies in the mines although it is unknown what dangers lurk in the deepest depths of the mines.
A large Volcano provides the centre point for this zone and the mines and known to lead straight underneath it and out in all directions although no tribute has ever made it through the mines to see what darkness lurks under the volcano. The only known water source is a huge frozen river which flows through the mountains.
Mostly forested areas provide the outline of the volcano and most of the zone, there are three notable places however, a huge castle overlooks the zone from one side and there are two smaller castles where the zone connects to it's neighbour zone. All three settlements hold stables and blacksmiths as would be expected, should the tributes reach these areas their findings could be of great use. It is unknown whether these castles are occupied. A long strip of snowy mountainous terrain stretches across the middle of the zone again with the volcano as the centre point.
The creatures known to inhabit this zone are as follows:

Orcs are creatures that are found in the dark, usually in forests they have encampments and small strongholds, they move around in the dark a lot and hunt at night, if you are seen by an orc they will attack you immediately and eat you with no hesitation, maybe some left overs for later. They usually carry a curved blade, a spear and bows, they don;t have very good aim with bow and blades are usually blunt.
Orcs aren't that strong a strong enough thwack around the back of the head should knock one out easily. The numbers of Orc on the island is too large to be counted.


Uruk-Hai aren't shy of the dark like orcs are and will hunt at both light and dark and can be found absolutely anywhere, they are extremely strong foes especially in groups so don't take them lightly or on your own.
Uruk-Hai have camps and strongholds, maybe in their main zone they will probably have forts. Uruk-Hai are powerful footmen and it will take more than a thwack to knock these bastards outs, maybe a couple of hacks? These brutes are cleverer than orcs.
Uruks carry Uruk Shields, Uruk Scimitar's or crossbows

-May Capture you if your lucky, most will **** you up- Outnumbered by Orcs at a 1:20 ratio.


Berserker uruk-hai will be found in strongholds and if very unfortunate camps and hunting parties, these vile brutes will rips through and unskilled human it comes face to face with. -attack on sight or won't if ordered not too-
Berzerkers Carry a Spider Axe, or their fists

Outnumbered by Uruk-Hai at a 1:5 ratio


Goblins are creatures usually found in caves. They prefer the dark and are usually in groups. these creatures are small and weak so travel more in groups than anything to make up strength in number, and are quite dimwitted.
They carry bows, very inaccurate and blades or maces. and sometimes shields

-attack on sight-
Much like the orcs, the goblins on the island are countless.

Note : All have there own language, though only orcs and Uruk Hai can speak english


Trolls are usually found in the wild and are quite rare, trolls are also tamed by orcs and goblins, so maybe found with big groups of any of them two races.
Trolls are very dimwitted and quite slow but if you get hit by there club they use, say goodbye.
Trolls will only attack you if feel threatened or you pass into their territory. They will also attacked if ordered (only tamed ones)


Smaller than trolls, but not much, these trolls aren't as dimwitted and are faster than usual, they aren't wild and are found in uruk-hai strongholds and forts, sometimes found in hunting parties.
These things will carry on fighting with no legs and can pack a punch, they normally carry big swords or spears.
They will attack on sight, unless ordered not to

It is unknown how many trolls roam the island.


Don't bother, just run, see it, just go, don't even try, if it sees you, pray, pray to your god.

This foul creature comes from the shadows and flame, and with usually be near a volcano, if their is one. There is only one, if you want to confront it, find a friendly frost dragon, not even that would stand much chance, the balrog will only attack you if you go near it's home.
It can creates a sword from fire and a whip from fire too.

Good luck and have a nice day


Wargs are mainly wild creatures and usually travel in packs, they will attack on sight and eat you for dinner, they are fast and vicious, so think before you take them head on, it doesn't usually take much to kill once but definitaly go for the killing blow when in conflict with one.
They can be tamed and orcs will be seen riding them, if you are unlucky enough, you may stumble on a Orc, Warg Band. Ouch.

Wild Wargs are found usually around rock formations in great plains
Warg Packs are common in this zone and have been noted in several different areas.

Giant Eagles

Giant Eagles are quite rare to find, they can be found scouting in the air, they live in mountains and are nice, peaceful creatures that can speak english. They are friendly and will help humans, though will attack anyone who threatens and attacks at them.
They are strong creatures and are able to take down packs of orcs on their own, even Uruk-Hai, but they are not even that stupid to take them on lightly.
Eagles usually use their talons and swoop down to take out enemys


These foul beasts are like dragons, though they are a little smaller and usually mess around with the eagles, since dragons will take them out nicely, they are always ridden by Nazgul and there aren't any wild Fell Beast, they were bread to serve, they will use their claws to kill their foes and even there long monstrous looking head to eat their victims.
They also have a deafening and painful scream which doesn't effect Orcs, Uruks or Trolls and it will make their enemies ears hurt tremendously.
There have been three known sightings of Fellbeast in this zone, it is unknown whether these were different beast though.


These demented (once) men are faceless and bloodthirsty foes, they will hunt down any human that catches their scent or any other enemy. They are unkillable and can only be goaded off with fire, setting them on fire will make them flee and they cannot swim in water, though somehow escape.
They carry a sword and Morgul Blade, which is poisoned and if stabbed with it, you will surely die.
you can tell when they have found you because they screech and it rips through the air.
Often seen travelling on pitch black horses these men are known to wander the woods looking for wanderers to kill, there are seven known to exist.


These peaceful creatures are carers of the forest and will be found their. They are strong but only use their strength when needed to, if they feel threatened or are attacked, they are big and friendly to humans, they won't help unless they feel the forest is also in danger by your current enemies actions.
They use as weapons their monstrous strength and any big heavy things they can throw at enemies
In the forests of the zone it is unknown how many Ent are present.

3. The 'Hunger Games' zone
Probably the most varied of all the zones when it comes to terrain this zone sees it's threats come in less obvious ways, this zone mainly targets the victims mind and inflicts mental pain on the target, although creatures with a tendency to kill do reside here.
A huge lake fills the centre of this zone and fills roughly 1/3 of the whole zone, from here the zone stretches out in two separate directions, both with completely different terrain. In one direction is a widespread forest filling what is left of the arena in that direction, the forest has many small rivers and rocky areas hidden among the trees and hills which are ever present if travelling in that direction, the rocky areas are home to many caves which have housed a few tributes in their time.
In the other direction from the lake the terrain is relatively flat and consists of many small broken down, derelict villages no longer housing any life, although the sense and smell of decay is ever present to remind you of the death you so likely will face at any moment. One of the small villages has a long tunnel which leads deep underground into a coal mine which always seems from television as if it will collapse at any moment but never does, the tunnel is clearly unfinished as it comes to a sudden stop, on the floor by this wall are the tools and bones of the men who once built the mines.
Reaching the end of the villages tributes come across a huge cement wall with the government crest carved delicately into it.
The known threats in the arena are as follows:

Blood Rain – it is known to rain commonly in this zone. However, when this rain does come, it is human blood as opposed to the water which the tributes so often need desperately.

Corrosive Fog – This is known to occur in the village section of the zone, a thick layer of fog begins to lower from the skies which engulfs anything outside the small broken down huts, subsequently burning tributes from the inside out, inhaling the slightest amount can be extremely damaging to human organs, a touch on the skin can form extremely painful blisters to form on the skin over the following day.

Tidal Wave – This only occurs at the huge lake in the middle of the arena, at random intervals during the days the waters begin swirling rapidly and form a huge tidal wave which shoots out in every direction, the water does not reach the forest of village however as it is sucked back into the lake shortly after crashing onto the ground where it returns to its calm state.

Lightning Storms – Lightning storms are common in all parts of the arena and are known to hit the ground with 9/10 bolts. The stroms last for approximately 5 minutes at a time and are the rarest of the natural phenomena.

Forest Fires – Trees can set on fire at will in the forest section of the zone and the flames spread through the trees very quickly, becoming extremely dangerous to anything in its path. The flames die down on there own and leave no damage on the terrain.

Creatures found in this arena are as follows:
Wolf Muttations

Wolf Muttations (Commonly reffered to as Mutts) are genetically modified creatures which are created from the bodies of once living humans infused with wolf dna, the Mutts are unable to think for themselves and are programmed only to kill. Known to work in packs the Mutts are very dangerous when encountered in groups, bred to kill they possess many dog like features and run at an average dogs speed level. With the strength of three men the Mutts are fully capable in battle and should not be taken lightly. These creatures are able to balance on their hind legs and jump very high, and have four-inch long razor-sharp claws. Known to settle in darkness, caves and other derilict areas should be avoided, although they will move freely to hunt.

Jabberjays are birds like any other and pose no physical threat, Jabberjays prove dangerous in other ways as they are able to mimic any sound after hearing it for just a split second, able to imitate human voices the Jabberjays often speak to people in the voices of their loved ones or make humans hear their loved ones screams.

Ape Muttations
The Ape Muttations are a mutated species of orange monkey which attack in large groups and use their vicious claws and their teeth to make deep punctures in their victims' flesh that looked harmless, but in reality were deep enough to cause internal bleeding. The Monkeys, like other Muttations are programmed only to kill and will attack on sight. Being monkeys they have incredible agility and are able to swing on trees and jump through the air freely.

Tracker Jackers

Tracker jackers are a large species of deadly wasp and have a gold-coloured body. Their stings raise lumps the size of plums on their victims, and their venom (engineered to target fear in a victim's brain and alter their memories) causes hallucinations that can drive people to madness. More than a few stings will kill a person; some people die after just one. They will hunt down anyone who disturbs their nest and attempt to kill them, hence the name tracker jackers. They live in huge hives high up in trees.

4. The 'Doctor Who' Zone
This zone is the most like the outside world as it consists mainly of streets and buildings, (all of which are broken down and in tatters.) only one building remains standing however, a huge tower block in the very centre of the zone, no one that has entered has ever left again although the threat is still unknown to the public. The run down cities that surround the standing building however vary in their time periods. Some appear to be from the very earliest days of buildings on the earth, whereas others appear to be from the future which they have only dreamed of in the outside world, neon lights and holograms are apparent in these buildings. Some almost appear like spaceships inside, it is unknown where these came from. Another point of note in this zone is the existence of a single large cube which all the creatures in the zone appear to stay away from, what it holds is unknown however it has been referred to by the natives of the zone as 'the Pandorica'. Some sinks and hydrants in this zone are still working so water can be found, also the remains of shops can be found for food.

Creatures you will encounter in this zone:

Daleks are the native race of the planet Skaro, the creatures themselves are rather helpless however, they tend to live their lives inside tank-like robotic shells. The Daleks are a powerful race bent on universal conquest and domination, utterly without pity, compassion or remorse, Portrayed as having had every emotion removed except hate, leaving them with a desire to purge the Universe of all non-Dalek life. It is this thirst for destruction that makes the Daleks such dangerous foes as they will attack and kill on sight of any non-Dalek creature. The Daleks are armed with a single eye/ scope on a rotating dome allowing for 360 degree vision to a certain extent, a gun mount containing a 'death ray' which dematerialises other creatures on impact, and something which resembles a plunger which is known to be able to interface with technology, crush a man's skull by suction, measure the intelligence of a subject, and extract information from a man's mind. Whilst the armour is relatively indestructable the creature inside is very fragile and unable to protect itself without it's container body. Daleks are few and far between and are therefore usually only found alone or in small groups.


Cybermen are a race of humanoids that have been upgraded to the point where they have few remaining organic parts. Cybermen are known to have rid themselves of all emotion, seeing emotions only as weaknesses. As humanoids the Cybermen can be found anywhere and are not restricted to certain areas of the map. Upgraded with metal body parts the Cybermen are an incredibly slow race and can be easily outrun by normal humans. The Cybermen, should they catch you are able to emit an electric charge from their hands and can shock humans on contact causing you to pass out, their main goal is world domination and once they capture humans they attempt to re-engineer humans and turn them into Cybermen in a process called 'upgrading'. They will attack on sight and will attempt to convert anyone deemed worthy, if you are not worthy the Cybermen possess retractable guns in their forearms which will kill a human easily. The cybermen are unaffected by most human weapons. The Cybermen work in small groups.


The Sontarans are a race of humanoids with a stocky build, greenish brown skin, and a distinctive dome-shaped head. In addition, they only have three fingers on each hand. Their special muscles are designed for load-bearing rather than leverage because of the significant amount of gravity on their home planet of Sontar. The Sontarans have an extremely militaristic culture; every aspect of their society is geared toward warfare, and every experience is viewed in terms of its martial relevance. Although physically formidable, the Sontarans' weak spot is the "probic vent" at the back of their neck, through which they draw nutrition. It is also part of their cloning process. It provides incentive to continue moving forward in battle since retreat would expose this area to their enemies. They have been killed by targeting that location with a knife and other sharp thin objects. Their trade-mark weapon is a small rod with two handles and a plunger at one end, giving it a syringe style. This is so it can be held and fired using three fingers. This weapon is called a swagger stick - it fires a disabling beam that can temporarily render a person useless and emits an energy pulse that can repair technological systems. They are also armed with a small laser gun which can kill easily, the Sontarans are incredibly clever battlers and work in small groups of roughly three.

Weeping Angels

Weeping Angels are a race that appear in the form of statues often depicting winged women (Angels). The Weeping Angles are only able to move whilst they are not being observed, whilst being observed the angels appear as ordinary statues (albeit in strange positions), once the subject is looking away the angles move at incredible speeds, the speed at which they move is often slower as they near their victims this is seen merely as them liking to play with their food however rather than a necessary thing. Once the angels touch their prey the victim is sent through time into a different time period where they are left to live out their lives in an unfamiliar land. Once the person had been transported the angels became able to live from that persons remaining life force. If the supply of life was low however Angels were known to snap peoples necks instead. As they have to be seen to exist the weeping angels tend to live in dark places or in building where they can play with the lights and adapt the habitat to there liking. Angels are usually in groups of anything between 1-100, the Angels in the zone are spread out everywhere, although the main gathering is known to reside inside the one remaining building in the zone, this building has been home to the angels since the island formed and no matter what creature attempted, none could breach it's walls.


Silurian's are a race which spend there time living underneath the earth and do not breach the surface unless they feel that their underground homes are being threatened, on the rare occasion that this does happen the Silurian's do their hunting at night and are able to easily burrow up to the surface of the earth. The creatures are evolved so that they can see clearly in complete darkness, they have very long tongues which they flick at humans and use to inject their venom (this venom is deadly to humans although it takes time to kill). As a very curious race the Silurians are known to kidnap humans in order to use for experiments. They attack in small groups of up to 3 and are no stronger or more durable than an average human.

5. The 'Harry Potter' Zone
This zone takes the appearance of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry, the only zone which is based heavily on being indoors the school has lots of different levels including a cellar which is said to be home to a mysterious hissing sound which emanates from the darkness, the cellar is known to be guarded by a huge three headed dog, no one has ever made it passed the dog to see what the hissing sound means though. Among all the different rooms in the school are the dining room (food and drink supplies can be found here), classrooms, bedrooms. Although most of the zone is inside the school, it does feature gardens, in the gardens there is a stadium capable of holding well over 10,000 people, and beyond that, 'The Forbidden Forest' a place where only a few tributes have dared to wander, the extent of the danger in this forest is unknown, however it is assumed to be very dangerous (mainly due to the name). Often seen as a maze of a zone tributes can become disoriented as the staircases in the school move around uncontrollably with no say in where they will lead next.
No matter where you enter this zone, you always end up at the front door.

Creatures in this zone:

Dementors are among the foulest creatures that walk this earth. They infest the darkest, filthiest places, they glory in decay and despair, they drain peace, hope, and happiness out of the air around them... Get too near a Dementor and every good feeling, every happy memory will be sucked out of you. If it can, the Dementor will feed on you long enough to reduce you to something like itself...soulless and evil. You will be left with nothing but the worst experiences of your life. They can also*consume a person's soul, leaving their victims in a permanent vegetative state, and thus are often referred to as "soul-sucking fiends and are known to leave a person as an empty-shell. Dementors hold no true loyalty, except to whomever can provide them with the most people to feed off, for this reason Dementors will attack at the slightest sniff of human blood. Dementors hunt alone and will not be seen together due to their lack of trust for anything. Although they cannot die, Dementors are susceptible to bright lights and are unable to be in close proximity it. Dementors exist everywhere in this zone and appear at any moment.


Fluffy is generally a vicious, fierce, and extremely strong beast seen as a huge three headed dog, Fluffy is very protective and tends to stick to one spot and protects his home with all his might, he will kill anyone who comes to close to his home. Fluffy has one major weakness however as he is extremely susceptible to many forms of music and falls asleep when he hears it.


The Basilisk, known also as the King of Serpents can grow up to fifty feet in length, and is a dark green colour with large yellow eyes. These eyes have the power to instantly kill anyone who looks into them. If the victim looks indirectly at the Basilisk's eyes, such as its reflection, they will merely become Petrified, as well as it's eyes the Basilisk possesses deadly and venomous fangs. Spiders flee before the Basilisk, for it is their mortal enemy. The basilisk has an extremely good sense of smell and is more than capable of hunting even when blinded. The only known cure to Basilisk venom is the tears of a Phoenix (found in the mythological zone). Basilisk skin is armoured like that of a*dragon's, The Basilisk sheds its skin at intervals, like all other snakes, when it grows. For a short period of time after shedding its skin the Basilisk is vulnerable to damage as the armor takes hours to develop, during this time however the Basilisk will hide away underground where he spends most of his time.


Acromantula are a species of giant spider and sport eight, black eyes (white if blind) and are typically covered in thick black hair, with a leg span that can reach up to fifteen feet. They possess a set of giant fangs which they use to eat live prey or their own dead kin. Their pincers produce a clicking sound when they are agitated or excited. These fangs contain highly toxic venom, which is even potent for a short time after death. The Acromantula live in deep forests, there webs are huge and dome-shaped. The Acromantula although terrifying to most humans will not harm unless they themselves feel threatened. Usually seen alone the Acromantula like darkness and damp.


A Hippogriff is a magical creature that has the front legs, wings, and head of a giant eagle and the body, hind legs and tail of a horse. It is very similar to another mythical creature, the Griffin, with the horse rear replacing the lion rear. Hippogriffs have cruel, steel-coloured beaks and large, brilliantly orange eyes. The talons on their front legs are half a foot long and appear deadly. Hippogriffs are intensely proud creatures, and an individual must show proper respect by bowing to them, and waiting for them to bow in return before approaching. Eye contact should be maintained at all times, without a single blink. The Hippogriff should be allowed to make the first move as this is polite. If offended, it may attack. They can be tamed, but only by experts. Found in the gardens of hogwarts.


Trolls are very slow and dimwitted creatures, but they are also very dangerous. Armed with a club they will attack anything that moves just for the slightest bit of entertainment. They are known to wander the halls of the school freely and possess no real aim in their wandering.

6. The 'Mythological' Zone
This zone mainly consists of mountainous terrain with mountain springs being in common supply. As well as springs however tributes often find themselves with severe frostbite as the icy winds on the mountains take their toll on the humans, this zone is not one for those with a lack of winter clothing. As this zone has a high altitude the air is thin and often running can be tiresome and leave tributes out of breath a lot earlier than in other zones.

Creatures in this zone:

Hell hounds are from hell it's self and are suppose to bring the souks of the dead back to hell with them. They have pitch black fur with glowing red eyes, some even have the flames of hell around there body. They have super speed and strength and attack with no remorse if they're territory is entered.


Chimaeras are ruthless beast who can beast who breath fire. The Chimera has the head/body of a lion, a goat head & a tail, tipped with a serpent's head. It will only attack if you're trying to get past the gate is guarding.


Minotaur's are half human half bull creatures and are extremely aggressive. While they aren't too smart they are incredible strong. If a Minotaur spots a human expect a fight because that is all they want to do.[/JUTSU]


Dragons are serpent like creatures who can fly and breath fire. While some are laid back and won't fight unless challenged some are extremely aggressive and will attack on sight.


Phoenix are sacred firebirds. They are usually friendly to humans but if apposed all they have to do is touch a human and the human will burn eternally.


The Kraken is a large octopus like creature that can easily overpower the biggest of human produced boats, with its incredibly large, strong tentacles. As a very hostile creature the Kraken will attack any who enter it's waters. The Kraken is unable to survive on land.


Fenrir is a gigantic and terrible monster in the shape of a wolf. He is very powerful and will attack if he feels the need to prove something.


Pegasus are extremely rare winged horses. They are commonly white, but there are rare black ones. They pose no threat to humans and are incredibly hard to tame.


The Hydra is a nine headed serpent. The middle head is said to be immortal and very have very deadly venom and breath. If one head is cut of too more will grow in its place. Hydra are extremely dangerous and are better left avoided.

7. The 'Halloween' zone
The zone of darkness, in this zone the sun rises in the morning and then sets 2 hours later, the zone is put under 22hours of darkness and it is in this time that the ghoulies come out to play. Consisting wholly of a black forest of dead trees and dirt this zone does little for the eye. Among the dead trees the voices of the dead tributes form the past are occasionally heard screaming 'Run!'. The only change in scenery that this zone gives is the vast cemetery which covers the middle portion of the arena, at the centre of the cemetery is a small broken down house occupied by no one, and there's reason for it. There is a single mansion hidden in the darkness of the zone all of which is suspended high up on a cliff face, the cliff has a steep stone stair case which leads straight to the front door.

Likely Encounters:

Led by the Grim Reaper, a skeleton whom is able to inflict death with merely a touch of a humans skin and carries a scythe, the skeletons are an undead army made up only of bone. The skeletons are capable of wielding swords and shields and are relatively easily defeated in battle, they only become difficult in large numbers as they are very flimsy. The skeletons serve the Grim Reaper with every manner of their being. Despite being flimsy Skeletons are able to rebuild each other and are therefore immortal. The skeleton army tend to remain close to their leader as they have no need to venture out for food or water. They keep their home in a huge cave at the extreme left of the zone.


A Poltergeist is an invisible entity often known to be noisy and disruptive with no real aim. Poltergeist remain in their resting place and haunt any other creature that comes into their territory, a poltergeist is known to throw objects or move things around in order to strike fear into humans. Poltergeist can be deadly as they become more aggressive and can throw extremely heavy objects if need be. They have also been known to possess human bodies and torture the possessed persons loved ones by stealing the chosen persons body. Although usually they are not deadly a poltergeist will become extremely violent should the person stay in its territory for too long. Only one is known to exist in the zone, it resides inside an old abandoned house toward the centre of the zone, the poltergeist has been bothered a few times before and is known to be extremely aggressive to all newcomers.


A Zombie is an 'animated corpse'. They wander around effortlessly and aimlessly eating anything that they see. The zombies found on the island are unable to move quickly or think for themselves, they are driven merely by there hunger and are killed only by destroying the brain. A single bite from a zombie is all it takes to turn a human into one of them. Zombies reign free over the whole of the Halloween zone and as long as you're in their you know they will not be far away in huge numbers.


Lycan (commonly referred to as werewolves) are human beings whom through an unknown curse are given the ability to shapeshift (sometimes at will) into a huge wolf with nothing in mind but a pure killing intent. The wolves on the island are untraceable at most times and are only seen at night during a full moon, where the wolves go at other times is a mystery. These wolves move incredibly quickly and will not rest until they have completed a hunt successfully. 3 registered sightings of Lycan have been recorded, although the number of them on the island is currently unknown.


Vampires are creatures born with an intense blood-lust, appearing as normal humans vampires are very deceptive creatures and will work their way into the lives of their prey to gain their trust before sapping them of the blood which they desire so desperately. Vampires are unable to go out in the sunlight as the intense rays burn their fragile skin and cause the vampire to turn to dust after extended exposure, Vampires are also able to take the form of bats and fly at any moment. The island is home to a small family of vampires of roughly 5, these vampires reside high in the hills of the Halloween zone but come down often to feed.

8. The 'Jurassic' zone.
This zone is mainly vast open fields with rivers and lakes flowing freely on them. Separating the different fields are vast open valleys and canyons, the windings paths through the canyons are easily seen from the rocky vantage points above. The climbers among the tributes will find huge sources of fresh water at the tops of the canyons. Food here is limited and is mainly bugs or the remains of fresh kills from the natives.

The Dinosaurs:
Tyrannosaurus Rex

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is the most famous of the dinosaur, and with good reason. Tyrannosaur are known to grow up to 12 metres in length and up to 6 metres tall. Being the most dangerous of all the dinosaur that exist on the island it is recommended that you steer well clear of it should you see it anywhere, this creature is carnivorous and will not hesitate to hunt down and kill anyone. It roams the zone freely and does not have a set position in which it hangs around. It's size gives it incredible power aswell as a surprisingly swift movement speed. There are three known Tyrannosaur on the island although that number may have risen as breeding habits are unknown.


Velociraptor although they don't compare in size to Tyrannosaur they can be just as lethal. Travelling in packs of three and at extremely high speeds Velociraptor are incredibly good trackers and are also extremely violent dinosaur. They will attack on sight and will not hesitate to kill. Growing to just 2 metres in height they are the smallest of the deadly dinosaur and can be hidden in trees to add to their skills. Velociraptor should be avoided, although if necessary Velociraptor are known to slip under their own speed and are also relatively fragile compared to other big boned dinosaur. As well as their inherent speed they are very agile and are capable of jumping large distances easily. It is unknown how many Velociri families inhabit the island.


Brachiosaurus are the tallest and largest of the dinosaur found on the island. They have long necks, small heads, and relatively short, thick tails. Unlike most dinosaur, its front legs were longer than its hind legs. These unusual front legs together with its very long neck gave Brachiosaurus a giraffe-like stance and great height (Up to 30 metres in length. 16 metres high.). As a herbivorous dinosaur these alone don't pose much of a threat and can lead humans to useful sources of water and nutrients.


Triceratops are one of the most recognisable of the dinosaur with its frills and three recognisable horns atop of its head. As a herbivorous dinosaur the danger of being hunted and eaten is non-existant although that doesn't mean that these dinosaur are to be played with. They can be very aggressive and protective of their families and will protect their land with all their might, they have even been known to fight with the Tyrannosaurus on occasion. The sheer size and weight of these dinosaur makes them very dangerous to humans should they charge with their horns.
It is thought that a small group of Triceratops are living in the zone although there are places in the zone that are undiscovered.


These flying dinosaurs are known to grow to a adult wingspan of 1.5 metres. Although Carnivorous they are known mainly to feast on small fish and other ocean-dwelling animals. Found cicling close to a water source they have very good eye-sight and will attack if they feel their food-source is under threat. With no real means of causing death upon humans they cause minor damage with their talons, if provoked thoroughly Pterodactyl are capable of lifting the average human and will carry them up to their nests.
There are many Pterodactyl in the zone although one is known to be much larger than the others, the Quetzalcoatlus is a species of Pteradactyl known to grow up to have a wingspan of 40 feet, this Pteradactyl is extremely dangerous and will kill if agitated.


It is unknown where exactly this creature lays, but this huge underwater monster is known to be living in the vast waters which exist inside the dino zone on the island. With a head that closely resembles that of the modern day alligator this dinosaur may seem very familiar to humans on first sight, growing up to 12metres in length and weighing up to 9 tons it is far from ordinary. Its body shape and the way it's back armour is constructed is similar to the alligators of today and the way that it hunts is also similar. Known to attack Tyrannosaurus' if they come to close to the waters in which it dwells this is the most deadly of the dinosaur in the zone and must be avoided at all costs. Luckily it does not stray far from it's underwater home.
It is unknown the quantity of this creature, but it is assumed to be very low.

9. 'Pandora' The 'Avatar zone.
Based on the world featured in the cinema epic this zone is a vast winding jungle with colours that have never been imagined, the colourful nature of this world can be too much for the naked eye to take. With the jungle consisting mainly of huge winding trees with multicoloured moss covering the branches. In the centre of the zone is a huge tree which glows under the light of the sun. The natives worship this tree as their goddess and will not tolerate it being disturbed. The jungle will break every now and then to reveal a huge drop from the side of a cliff, at the bottom of the cliff is a sandy derelict terrain relatively unknown to anyone but the natives. The side of the cliff is home to many winged beasts which spend their days clung onto the side of the cliff awaiting p their prey.

Creatures in this zone:

The indigenous Na'vi are, on average, approximately 3 meters (~ 10 feet) tall, with smooth, striped cyan-colored skin, large amber eyes, and long, sweeping tails. Their bodies are more slender than humans. They are the only known extraterrestrial species discovered to have human-like consciousness and intelligence. Although the Na'vi are hunter-gatherers with limited technology, they have developed a sophisticated culture based on a profound spiritual connection to other life on their moon, each other, and an encompassing "goddess" they call*Eywa. Although they are usually friendly creatures if their goddess (tree) is threatened they will defend it with their lives. They are armed only with bows and small daggers, although they are highly skilled fighters and are able to move in their terrain easily much like parkour runners in the streets. The Na'vi are able to link their hair with other creatures and fom an instant bond of trust with the other natives of the zone, the zone is therefore a peaceful one without intruders. As the native species of this zone 'Pandora' they can be found in very high numbers.


Direhorses are vaguely horse-like in appearance, with very long necks and small heads. They are roughly the size of an elephant. When wild, the animals move together in a loose herd through the forests, feeding on tree bark and shrubs. Herds numbering in the dozens have been spotted from aircraft, but evidence (including scatological and plant impact) suggests that herds of more than one hundred animals are not uncommon. The horses are friends of the Na'vi and are often ridden by the Na'vi as humans ride normal horses.
Can ONLY be tamed by Na'vi.


These creatures are often seen roaming the skies above this zone and are highly predatory, often swooping down to attack other creatures native to the zone without any warning, always high up these noble creatures have great eyes and can spot prey from very long distances although their cumbersome in flight and therefore they cannot attack in closed areas, meaning they tend to spend their time overlooking the large open valleys that are existent in the zone 'Pandora'. Large numbers of these have been seen in the zone and are best avoided as they can be very dangerous as their teeth and talons are very sharp.

Mountain Banshee

Mountain banshees are large, bird-like aerial predators that are native to Pandora. They are used by the Na'vi for hunting from the air and traveling larger distances. Ikran are also used in battle, where the mount attacks its opponents from the air. Hostile to any but the Na'vi these creatures should be avoided at all costs unless accompanied by one native to the zone.


The apex land predator of the zone and Reminiscent of a panther, these enormous, powerful animals are unique in their ability to lord over its territory and strike fear into the largest and fiercest of the islands creatures. Even the Na'vi, who are renowned for their courage, are shaken by the approach of the creature. The speed of its neck and jaw strike is swift. In addition to conventional ripping and tearing, the thanator can also deliver a lethal blow from its armored tail. The thanator's senses are so highly developed that, depending on atmospheric conditions, it can detect prey up to thirteen kilometers away. It also has an armored neck and back, a massive distensible jaw, and twenty-three centimeter long sharp teeth. They are approximately 20 feet long and 9 feet tall, there are thought to be a fair number of Thanator living in the vast land of zone 'Pandora'.

Hammerhead Titanothere

This massive, grazing creature travel in moderately large herds or packs of 10-20 animals. It is fairly social, but also extremely territorial and hierarchical. Constant threat displays, both visible and audible, are very common during the hammerhead titanothere's day. When angered (which happens easily and very often), a titanothere will lower its head and charge at the perceived threat.

Wasp Viperwolf

The viperwolf has six legs, with each paw having three toes and an opposable thumb. This allows it to climb trees as well as stalk from the ground and, thereby, creates a three-dimensional hunting field. Viperwolves almost always move in packs that can mass together into a highly cooperative hunting party within seconds of finding prey. These particular viperwolves (wasp viperwolves) through a highly evolved trait of mixing the blood cells and nearly shutting down all systems, are able to turn invisible. They can be seen while invisible (a blurred outline can be seen against most backdrops) and turn back visible when wounded.

10. The 'Star Wars' zone
The future zone. This zone consists mainly of metal, downed spacestations and desert. In the desert areas of the zone deadly sandstorms are known to be common, when inhaled the sand dries the throat and makes breathing increasingly difficult in the sand is a small village home to a species of raider which don't take kindly to visitors. Where the sand ends the snow begins, the harsh heat of the desert before reverses and becomes a piercing cold at an instant the creatures that dwell in the snow make for an unwanted battle in the harsh climate, with the snow being the only water source in the zone and the sand village the only food source all the sections of the zone are necessary. The snow and sand rests between two sections of black metal the black metal is the resting place of the downed spacestations which make for the home of most of the enemies in the zone. Without weather this makes for a comfortable resting place although, there is little to no food or water source on the metal plains.

Enemies in this zone:

Rancors are huge creatures and travel alone at times, but can be found in a group of four if you are unlucky. Rancors are foul, fierce, destructive monsters, they will eat you for dinner if they catch you! make sure you have some firepower at the ready.

They hang around their lairs, which are usually caves. Rancors will stomp on you, swipe at you or bite at you. Will attack if you come near their lairs, or are hungry. Rancor caves exist in all sections of the zone.


Nexu, very quick and tiger like monsters, but deadlier, they have better sight and smell, they have sharper claws and in such away that will tear through many materials easily! They are near enough impossible to outrun, so use your terrain wisely.
Or go about killing them, they aren't so hard to kill, but still go for the killing blow, and try and be faster than them

They travel in groups and hang around the snow area and attack on sight


Acklay usually travel alone, they will attack you on sight, they are pretty fast, and their big legs are powerful enough to stomp you down, though are weak at the joints, so go for there! they usually attack with their feet, so you can dodge and maneuver under it easily, but be careful, they aren't so dumb.

Acklay hang around deep in the forests, though you may be unlucky enough to find one roaming.


Reeks roam the deserts, they roam it normally in groups of three or more, but can be found lonely on the outskirts of the desert near the forest.
They attack if you get to close, but normally leave you alone if you don't threat. Some can be overly aggressive so don't take too many risks.

They are powerful and have armour like skin, they charge into their enemies and are quite fast in the midst of a charge. Do not stand in their way, they will knock you down! Found in the sand and area


Wookies live in the forests, high in the tree houses which have now been expanded and stretch across all the trees, circling round them and have lifts that go up to the trees and down to them.

Wookies are a peaceful race, they do not like outsiders much, but do not hurt them, they will allow outsiders to stay, but not for too long. Wookies are very strong and wield spears, big curved swords and Crossbows.

You may be lucky enough to stumble upon a hunting party.

They cannot communicate with Humans in language.

Tusken raiders

These creatures are a violent race, they will attack you on sight, they are kind of like humans, but have a hole new different tongue and rely more on instinct.
They live in deserts, isolated from the villages, and in huts, they are connected by walls made of any scrap they can find.

Tusken Raiders use their batons (in pic) and you may find that one or two maybe camping behind desert rocks waiting for that deadly shot, so don't travel too much in the open.

They have near enough the same strength as a human, but put up with the raging heat of the desert


Ewoks, like wookies, live in the trees, but they are a more timid and defensive race, you will have to prove your friendship to them first, make them trust you. And if you get trapped in their traps, they may cook you up for dinner.

Ewoks are weaker and carry either a spear or bow. They are pretty smart with their traps and can take out some big creatures when they work together.

They cannot communicate with Humans in language.


Wampa's are huge yeti looking creatures and are very strong, they normally capture their prey and take them to their lair. So this give you a chance to escape.

It will take several great strikes to take down this monster.

They live in the snow and in huge cave.


Tauntaun are peaceful and will roam around in the snow area, and will be found a lot, they aren't strong and can be used as great rides. Some may flip you off their backs though.

Battle Droid

Battle droids scout the whole Star wars zone, in groups, they are quite weak and many will be found at droid bases.
Battle droids can speak and are quite dumb, they state a lot of the obvious.
They usually carry stun batons or stun staffs. You may be lucky to find some with blasters, but they have very low ammo supply for those that aren't droids using them.

Battle Droids come in other colours.

Aggro Varies : Some will shout to surrender, some will shoot on sight. Or depends on commander's orders

Plain Pale : Battle/Scout
Blue Torso : Pilots
Red Torso : Security (found in bases)
Yellow Striped : Commander


Droideka's are usually found in the droid bases. Though if the droid commando gets annoyed and wants a certain person dead they send them out into the terrains to hunt down the enemy.

They roll into a ball and that is how they travel, they can also walk but that is for close range. When they walk, they have forcefeilds which are near enough impossible with small arms to get through (some don't have these forcefeilds, depends on your luck)., but when they roll, they have no forcefeilds active.

They have twin linked blasters built in and cannot be detached or they will not work.

Super Battle Droid