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    Preview of where Sasuke and Oro are going

    Sasuke and Oro are in Konoha, but where in Konoha are they headed? that is the question, and I think I have the answer, this place:

    What better place to find secrets, or a corpse or two, than the Root hideout, hidden underneath, filled with secret CIA-like stuff, it's bound to contain secrets that Orochimaru may have knowledge of, since he and Danzo conspired together in the past. I have a feeling that the body/bodies of people Sasuke wants to talk to are hidden there, and Orochimaru knowing this, will lead Sasuke here, to find the corpse of "The One Who Knows Everything" and revive him with Edo Tensei for a little chit chat.


    Reply on why Oro said Sasuke knows the place well and yet Sasuke doesn't know the exact place where they are going:

    It's just simple logic, before they went for the journey, Sasuke asks where are they going, then Oro replies "to a place you know well", they arrive in Konoha, then Sasuke asks Oro to "lead the way" so Sasuke knows the place well (Konoha) but asks Oro to lead the way on where in Konoha they are exactly going (Root Hideout)
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