So, yeah. How many Uzumaki Clan members do you think are out there? It's been to my attention that ever since Kabutomaru mentioned that Uzumakis usually have red-hair, many theories and speculations have been made about, say, Gaara (and his father, and by defect his silblings, too), Mei Terumi, and Sasori being Uzumakis themselves.

I wouldn't be surprised if Gaara ended up being an Uzumaki. He was just way too many things in common with Naruto: being a Jiinchuuriki (or former one), having/fulfilling the dream of being Kazekage, sheding tears for Sasuke, having enough control over his Bijuu (though this is debatable) and whatnot. Also, in terms of vitality, I think Gaara had been dead for a long time when Chiyo did her Reviving Jutsu. The fact that she could bring him back regardless of the time he had been dead, I think it's a remarkable characteristic of Gaara's. I don't know if this last premise makes sense for you guys but, after re-reading the whole Manga, Gaara fits in many ways the Uzumaki description. The bond he shares with Naruto is strong (this is why I'm torn between him and Shikamaru for Naruto's new best friend's position).

Mei Terumi is not a "no-no", but I personally think it would too farfetched. Same with Sasori, who is long dead. I'm really interested in what kind of relationship (if any) could there be between Karin and Naruto? I'm kind of frustrated because of the fact that everybody seems now aware of the Uzumaki Clan, but back in part 1 nobody mentioned it once. Hiruzen knew, Kabuto and Orochimaru knew, Tsunade, Jiraiya... Every damn body knew about the Uzumaki Clan. Had this Clan survived (or remained together, because Kushina said the survivors had scattered around the world) it would have been as important (or maybe even more important) as Uchiha's. Hatake Kakashi being Minato's apprentice and knowing Kushina, I'm really having a grudge against him for not acknowledging Naruto as the offspring of this pair. I mean, okay, we're shinobi and all that ****, but there's no way I can understand why the kind and cool Kakashi we know had chosen Sasuke over Naruto. That bugs me to no end, and I think Naruto would hold it against him as well. This matter has to be solved somehow in the manga. There's too much of a hole concerning this Clan and Naruto's bond with it.

As for Kishimoto, I know his style very deeply. Not to brag, but I grew up with this Manga. And his usage of symbols (which by the way resemble One Piece's Eiichiro Oda slightly) makes people like me think that the existence of a Clan to which Naruto's family belonged was implied since before it was mentioned. It's like Kishimoto enjoys our frustration and the fact that we don't know yet what's up to his mind.

To end this comment, I'd like to propose another point of discussion regarding the Clan. What about Tsunade?

Her grandpa was Senju, and her grandma was Uzumaki, right?, so that means she has that blood in her as well. Would you say she is more of a Senju than and Uzumaki or viceversa?