Location : Where the Five Kages fought
Tsunade : Current War Tsunade her feats
Superhuman Strength that is even stronger than Raikages like Madara said she coud break ribcage Susanoo
Byakugou no jutsu is better version of creation rebirth it heals every wound even organs with no hand seals like her grandfather hashirama
Great Stamina lifeforce a veryyy good tank great suplies of chakra
Reaction speed is good about jonin level
Plus katsuyu one of the best summonings every katsuyu can survive everything and protect people
Plus she can transfer her own chakra with her hands

For his age he is still super good
He has the kekkei tota Jinton wich is great offensive
His chakra suplies are very great
He can fly
He can make everyone lighter or heavyier so he coud stop one giantic meteor
Earth release on a very high level

Six paths of pain
Shinra tensei
And summoning you know all of his jutsu i hope )