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Muay Thai-Art of the 8 limbs. Its original version Muay Boran was created in Ancient Thailand and was taught to the the Thailand army so they could continue fighting after being disarmed. It was hailed as the strongest style to ever existed. Its weakness is throwing styles.

Jujitsu-Created in Feudal Japan by people who refused to participate in war, Jujitsu was hailed as the "Ultimate Defence." Since it was created to fight armed samurais, Jujitsu focuses heavily on throws and has very few strikes meant to penetrate armor. "70% power and 30% skill" is the secret of Jujitsu. Its safe to say that this style has no "weaknesses".

Karate-Originally created in Ancient Japan as a method to master the human body, Karate is the most well-known style in the world and has over 300 variations. Karate now has been toned down dramaticlly as a sport, but the original truly deserve the title "Art of the Fist."

Command Sambo-An enchanced version of the original sambo taught to the Russian Military but primarily to the Spetnaz. Command Sambo is a combination of over 200 styles(jujitsu,aikido,muay thai, karate,taekwondo,savate etc.) and has great fightning power. It was created for the sole purpose of destroying the enemy. It can be called the most effective modern style.

Chinese Kenpo-Chinese Kenpo has over 100 styles and theirs too many too talk about so Ill just name the effective ones:Taichiquan, Xingyiquan, Baguazang, Piguaquan, Bajiquan, Fanziquan, Praying Mantis, 5-form kung fu, Choujiaou, Ditangquan and Drunken Fist.

Jeet Koon Do-Bruce Lee. That is all.

Pencak Silat-Originally taught to royalty of the Ancient Indoniesian Kingdoms, Silat found its way to the common people during the French occupation. Silat is called one of the most complex styles in the world and was used in jungle warfare. As a result, it has alot moves similar to animals and moves that scale trees and walls.

Kalarippayattu-The oldest recored style and the reason yoga exist today. It focuses heavily on flexibility.

Taekwondo-a flashy martial art that goes back to early Korea. If focuses heavily on kicks. The popularity of TKD sky-rocketed in 1989 due to early fightning games.

Honorable Mentions:
Lucha Libre
Krav Maga
Brazilian Juit-jitsu