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    [must read] obito fact

    i was thinking of it recently so here it is...

    1) when obito aproached nagato for the 1st time...he was wearing the spiral zetsu cover (we all know this).

    2) when obito fought with minato he was also wearing the spiral zetsu cover.(why?)
    -> Because after being hit by minato's rasengan,
    a)his left arm (perfectly healthy) oozed a white zetsu like substance ...suggesting he was wearing that spiral thing.
    b)a little blood also came out along with that white thing (as seen in anime) suggesting his healthy arm being hit but
    sustained a very minor injury.

    note :: the black liquid is blood, and the white thing is the zetsu thing...

    3) when obito approached kisame while controlling mizukage he was not wearing the spiral zetsu.(obito must have removed that thing at some point of time after his fight with minato.)
    -> Because at that time
    His right arm,chest,both legs were bandaged and left arm was not bandaged..suggesting he was not wearing that spiral thing.

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