lately i've been seeing a lot of hate towards sakura,i mean she use to be a useless cry baby before shippuuden but now all that's gone.i've been lol-ing a lot based off funny comments people make as if they sit and wait for a thread to bash sakura even if it's an irrelevant thread. i'm not a sakura fan but i don't hate her, i'm just curious to know why do so many people on the base always seem to rip her one even in non related posts..she's one of the best medical ninjas now,deff. one of the strongest ninjas,i think they said she has the best chakra control(from back in training with kakashi),she sure as hell isn't ugly but she was prettier with the longer hair & she's no longer the whiney lil bbeech.. can we just cut her some slack puleeaassee..ijs