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    Yata Mirror Grossly Underated- HardCounter to Dust Release

    We all know of the two legendary spiritual weapons that caused Black zetsu to consider Itachi an Invincible force...

    invincible [ɪnˈvɪnsəbəl]
    1. incapable of being defeated; unconquerable
    2. unable to be overcome; insuperable invincible prejudices
    [from Late Latin invincibilis, from Latin in-1 + vincere to conquer]
    invincibility , invincibleness n
    invincibly adv

    Hyperbole? Yes, But there is truth to his words...First one must understand what a Spirtual weapon is... Answer? Noone knows.. according to zetsu it's a supernatural item.... Databook implies noone really know how or when exactly they appeared.. but the legends have been passed down for years

    What should be noted is that is has NO true phyiscal form, meaning these weapons have no true shape, and could essentially become what shape or size the user wishes... They way we see them now is at a size fit for susanno, but when these weapons were found by Itachi, they wouldn't have been large, they could have been anything, maybe even the normal size of a katana and shield..

    If you don't believe what i'm saying, Of course , I have proof , often overlooked

    Here you see how yatta mirror is, a flat shield, a bit bigger than Itachi, but still smaller than susanno itself..

    Sasuke then throws explosive kunai to cause and explosion

    You can no see the shield has grown, as the head of susanno is no longer higher in the air

    specifically talking about this

    You also should note the sfx showing the mirror was shrinking after the attack..

    Next feat of this? pretty obvious

    If you don't see it

    You clearly see it extended again, covering more in the back of itachi, which is not how it originally looked, considering its flat

    Now I want you to pay CLOSE attention , to the last two pictures I posted, and realize that for this attack, Yata mirror has changed size and shape, and is now fully covering Susanno....

    This means that no matter WHAT attack comes at Itachi, Yata mirror can Change not only its ELEMENTS, but its ATTRIBUTES , to deflect it.....

    The databook even says this

    Note that it changes its attributes and properties..

    You should also be aware that yata mirror doesn't simply "block' all attacks.. It REFLECTS.. All attacks.. as stated like 500 times in the manga and databook..

    MUU - Onooki

    People, alot of people , have been putting Muu over Itachi simply because Jinton is a "360" thing.... they claim, that yata mirror and its frontward defence would not at all protect Itachi from the molecule disintegration..

    As Ive shown before, ANY incoming attack, would be countered by the mirror and reflected... even if yata mirror has to stretch in a 360 manner to do so , similar to what happened here

    This isnt solely for Jinton....Any incoming taijutsu attack will be countered... yata mirror repelled Sasuke's and his kusunagi thrust....
    People claim that A would be able to go behind yata mirror and attack.. Once again, this isn't a legendary spirtual item for crap and giggles..Like gaara's sand, the yata mirror protects the user from ANY attack

    But how far can yata mirror really go?
    Its not exactly clear, the databook mostly speaks of its impervious fortitude when pitted against jutsu




    and Ninjutsu

    What I want you to focus on is the two bolded

    Of or relating to a supposed nonphysical realm of existence in which the physical human body is said to have a counterpart.

    what? : o, Databook implies that Yata mirror would even defend against non physical dimension related attacks? Attacks like Long ranged Kamui?

    ....That my friends is up to you to see and consider

    Grossly underated spiritual items


    Another thing everyone should note is the sheer speed that the shape manipulation happens... The mirror moves from its small state to incredibly large withing milliseconds of the attack actually hitting

    Inb4 Bogard, minator94 Soloking solos
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