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I can give many connections with your pictures, besides translucid creatures of the sea.

- Blue beings
- Black background
- All from NG
- And translucid is even a style.

One of the first thing you said to me, if you recall, was that something like that wasn't a style.

Remember my Exotic fruits Album? I had to pick a style and i asked if fruit pictures were ok. You said No. So the Style was Warm pictures.
yeah i get what you mean now, that was the random theme though right? so the style was absolutely important.
I don't know about this one, its something like specific creatures :S
V is way stricter than I am, to tell you the truth. And he likes themes about Nature, Life, Physical Phenomena, Science etc.

Just work hard and be creative in this one, your albums are always great anyways. But now I 'm in the game too xD A serious opponent lol