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    One Piece Chapter 559 spoilers.

    From AP Forums and confirmed.

    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    SUUUPAAA fast trans, coming thru.

    Chapter 559: A Mandate from Heaven
    Coverstory Zoro

    Luffy vs Smoker, but Luffy's attack doesn't hit him.
    Angered Hancock jumps in, and kicks Smoker.
    Ivankov vs Kuma.
    Ivankov tries to talk to him, but no response
    Seeing that, DoFlamingo comments
    "I don't know what your relation is to Kuma... but the Kuma you knew is already dead"

    Nja Adding to this already posted spoiler,

    Buggy fights alongside Whitebeard
    Whitebeard realizes what Sengoku is up to, and gives orders to the NW captains.
    Ace makes up his mind. If his crew gets to him and reaches out to him, he'll grab their hands.
    But if the blade gets to him first, he'll accept the punishment, and won't try to struggle.
    Hancock rushes to Luffy's aid, and joins him.

    Jinbei vs Moria
    Moria swallows the marine shadows and becomes massive.
    He attacks Jinbei, but Jinbei simply counters him with a straight fist, blowing Moria away.
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post
    Hancock: Don't you dare swing that stick of yours or hit my love Luffy!
    I've never been this angered in my life! I'll tear you to shreads, and
    feed you to the beasts!!

    She said something like that (<- Nja's comment)

    She appears with a raged face looking like a Hannya. (a demon of wrath)

    Smoker: You land attacks on me!? It must be Kuja's Haki!
    Luffy: Hancock!!

    Hancock's face turns back to lovey dovey
    (Oh... he called my name again.... he said Hancock....)

    Whitebeard decided to work with Buggy, because while he doesn't
    find the red-nosed clown a threat, the escped prisoners could be cumbersome.
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post

    DoFlamingo: Heh heh heh... I don't know how you two are connected...
    But it's no use talking to him, Revolutionary officer Emporio Ivankov.

    Ivankov: What do you mean!?

    Doflamingo: The one you're thinking of is "Bertholomew Kuma", right?
    The one feared as a Tyrant.....
    Well that man, is already dead.

    Ivankov: !!!? What!!?

    Smoker: White Launcher!
    Luffy: !?

    Luffy: You're a lot stronger than before
    Smoker: It looks like that goes for both of us
    but you can't beat me with your ability!
    Luffy: *cough!*

    Smoker: Now I know why... Dragon saved you in Logue Town.
    Luffy: Damn, my strenth is going away.... get that Jutte off of me...

    Hancock: Damn you, get off of him!!
    Smoker: Wha!!?
    ....!!! You just landed attacks on me, when I'm smoke!?

    Smoker: Hancock! Do you plan to quit Shichibukai as well!?
    Hancock: Hush!! I am so outraged, I cannot hear a word from you!!
    How dare you hit and hold dowm my love!!!

    Random marine: the "Pirate Empress" just saved Strawhat!!
    Luffy: *coughhurl*

    Hancock: I've never been this enraged!!!
    I will cut you to shreds and feed you to the beasts!!!

    Smoker: I see, it's Kuja's "Haki"...!!!

    Luffy: ....!! Hancock!

    Moria: Come and become my strength, shadows of marines!!
    Why don't I take your shadow too, Jinbei!?

    Jinbei: hrm, he got bigger...

    Samegawara Seiken!! (Sharktile Straight Punch!)
    Originally Posted by Aohige_AP View Post

    Zoro Coverstory: Where the hell is everyone, geez always getting in trouble
    "The massive tombstone at the edge of the ruins"

    Buggy: (What's with this warzone? Both the marines and the pirates...
    I see nothing but famous ones!!)
    Whitebeard: Hey, Red nose!!

    Whitebeard: I wondered who you were... you're that kid from Roger's ship.

    Whitebeard: It's been a while... so you were alive, eh?
    Buggy: (Oh god, he noticed me, I'm gonna get killed...!!
    I'm done for, I gotta run awawy....!!)

    Escaped Pirates, with their eyes shining
    Pirate1: He's... he's being addressed by Whitebeard!!
    Pirate2: Wow, I knew it but seeing with my own eyes.... WOW!
    Pirate3: You really are one of the legends...

    Whitebeard: With all those prisoners you have there.... did you come for my head?
    Buggy: Y....yeah!! that's right!! Accept your fate!!
    Whitebeard: I don't mind you coming for my head, but you know...
    What are you going to do with all those marines afterwards? There's way too many for you.
    To be honest, I'm having trouble with them too.
    Hey why don't we pirates band together against the marines?
    You can come for my head after that.

    Buggy: !?
    Pirate1: HOOOOLLLLYY CRAAAP Look how much Whitebeard respects him!!
    It's as if he's on the same level as Whitebeard!!

    This last page is extremly blurry, so tidbits.

    Buggy: (I can do this... I see the future where I am the king of the world!!)
    Alright Whitebeard, We'll work together!!
    Pirates: Who does he think he is!? Yeah, he's Captain Buggy!!

    Marco: (first half cut off) What's up?
    Whitebeard (first half cut off) Having them as enemies could be annoying.
    ...This is Whitebeard, is Squad there?

    Pirate: This is the tip of the bay.... Captain Squad? Huh?
    He was within my sight till a little while ago... looks like we're split.
    Whitebeard: Then give me DeCalvan brothers.
    DeCalvan bro: Yeah, what's up pops?
    Whitebeard: Take charge of the entire pirate fleet!!

    NW Pirate captains:
    ???: Yes, understood.
    ???: If you say so, pops.
    Whitey Bay: My ship can sail anywhere
    Squid man: I don't see them around... but really?

    Marine: Fleet Admiral Sengoku!
    There's a change in the New World pirates' formation!

    Sengoku: I see... they spread to the sides.

    Left page
    Marine: They're starting to assualt the warships!!
    Garp: Well done, you noticed didn't you? Whitebeard.
    This arc just keeps getting more epic. These match ups are just incredible and I just keep loving Hancock's infatuation over Luffy. Glad to finally see Zoro and Perona in the cover story.
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