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    My charater bio First (legit) time.

    Name: Raizo
    Nickname: /
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Clan: /

    Looks: Raizo is a fifteen year old boy, but has wits that could outcome to a sage. He is tall and lean with sleekly black hair. His eyes are dead set with determination and black as coal. His chiseled chin is an attribute to his seriousness. He is about 5'10 and a shoe size of 10. His eyebrows are thin and sharp, just like the blade he carries. He has a scar across the right side of his eye from his past.

    Personality: Deep thinker, non-lazy, intense stair, willing, determined, understaning, and of course gentle.

    Village Info:
    Birth: On the outskirts of a town known as Abanki.
    Alliance: Resistance to the dictation of Abanki.

    Rank//Chakra info.
    Ninja rank:/
    Specialty: Swordsman ship?
    Elements: Fire
    Your ninjutsu: /

    History: Raizo was born on a cold day of December 12. He was born on the outskirts of town for his mother knew that if the government found this out after the age of five he'd be put in the army to fend off the angry “resistance” the townspeople had become. His mother Satyiaki was alone during the birth since his father, Mizutoki was at a meeting. After his birth, seven years later they were found, and his mother was killed in front of him. The man knew that the boy would be to old for the army so he slashed at his face. Raizo managed to dodge it but it still skimmed his right eye making him handicapped forever. Since then Raizo has been wearing a mask. For three years hatred had been boiling out of Raizo. He saw the man who killed his mother one night patrolling the outskirts of town looking for people. His first killing, he took the man's sword and ran, ran far away. Vowing to kill his father, for he knew, he wasn't an idiot, his father was the head of the town. The man who order the killing of his wife, his mother! He now lives in a town named Kazuka. Training and always remembering his quest to end his father's reign.

    Picture: (Link)

    Theme Music:

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    Re: My charater bio First (legit) time.

    Your ninja rank is Genin, you start with E rank Techniques and the history has to be made Naruto-wise.. so no governments etc.. Good try though.

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    Re: My charater bio First (legit) time.

    It's a good first attempt, a few tips tho

    One. I suggest perhaps looking at some other bios
    Two. Perhaps read into bb codes they can really spruce up a bio
    Three. You can't specialise in swordsmanship

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    Re: My charater bio First (legit) time.

    You have had no training so no specialties for you.
    History must be naruto related.
    Also please following and use the whole bb code template.
    oh and to make it look nice center it.
    like so

    you do this by typing[center] and at the end of your bio [./center]
    with out the dot.

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