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Do you know what sounded so beautiful?

Mirror 2, starting at 20:50
''You surpassed me long ago''
and than the best part
''I leave the village to you Gaara!!''
Especially the way he said Gaara's name at the end, like with his last breath, choking in his pride for his son, the thanks he got in the end and all the emotions of regret.
(thats what it sounded like).
Japanese is such a beautiful language or maybe its just japanese actors in some animes I watched.
I am not totally sure.
It just feels so much more full of emotion than for example english imo.

I am going to agree with you completely. I just loved that episode, it made me so sad I felt I was going to cry. I read that chapter before so I have been waiting for this episode and I was not disappointed. I even liked the flashbacks it was just a good touch. The ending of the episode was just so sweet it was a good for Gaara to have that talk with his father that his mother did love him and also his father loved Gaara and he was proud of him becoming the Kage and taking care of the village. 5/5