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    Dante (Original) vs Dante (New)

    Sorry if this is the wrong section. But I was told that I could post this in the Anime Section.


    This is a comparison of the Dante's From the Devil May Cry games in the form of a fight. I'll do this in Versus Section Format


    Dante (Original) is from Devil May Cry 3. You may use his feats from other games to support your argument as long as you consider that this Dante is the weakest form of the original Devil May Cry Verse (It is the earliest point). He may also have all his abilities that he would concievably have at the time. He may also have all the weapons he gained through Devil May Cry 3 bar Force Edge, Doppleganger, and Lady's Rocket Launcher. I'll list them below.

    - Rebellion
    - Agni + Rudra
    - Cerberus
    - Nevan
    - Beowulf
    - Ebony and Ivory
    - Coyote (Shotgun)
    - Quicksilver


    Dante (New) Is basically as he is in DMC: Devil May Cry. He can use any of the weapons he showed in the game. Which I will also provide a list of

    - Rebellion
    - Osiris
    - Arbiter
    - Eryx
    - Aquila
    - Shotgun
    - Kablooey
    - Ebony and Ivory


    IMO The Original Dante should have this pretty easy. He is practically immortal, constantly being given mortal wounds and never seeming to care. Moved at a speed that would even be thought of in the new series. His Physical strenght is far superior. Superior Devil Trigger. Along with a multitude of other things
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    Re: Dante (Original) vs Dante (New)

    Original Dante, without a doubt.

    He has a range of DTs, and can pretty much fly with Nevan.
    Quicksilver and Doppelganger would completely wreck Donte. Not to mention Artemis or Spiral are way stronger than any of Donte's firearms.
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