I saw a post about Izuna being strong that inspired this.

We all know Izuna gave Madara his eyes. What I am propositioning is the fact that Madaras' hype is due to and should be directed towards Izuna.

I know a lot won't agree but hear me out. A lot of people here are pooping themselves over Madara's Susan'o and his raining comets skill(forget what it was called, whatever) and all of his other amazing powers.

Well remember Izuna gave him those eyes that have all those powers. Wouldn't that mean Izuna was a badass. In theory if Izuna hadn't given his eyes to Madara, Izuna would/should be the most feared Uchiha.

Idk if i made my train of thought clear but overall point is Izuna's sharingan was boss and those who don't agree must think Madara's sharingan also is not boss seeing as he has Izunas.

The End.