Maybe I'm over-thinking things or perhaps my mood is affecting how I see things presently, either way NB seems a bit boring as of right now, here:

Animal experiments/testing
Humans use animals for experiments, whichever the nature of the test may be. There's a well-known concept they usually go by when deciding for whether to go through with it or not: Scientists must weigh the knowledge and possible applications to be gained against potential risks to research participants. Adhering, of course, to national laws and the like.

Now, what does this tell us really?
Just roughly breaking it down:
-If there's no law against it in a certain land; would it be possible to just throw these ethics outta the window and do whatever you want?
-Exactly how much pain(physical as mental) can be inflicted until these options do not weigh out against each other according to the concept above?
-Is the judgement more of an arbitrary one rather than strictly regulated one? I mean, I don't know much about any of animal protection laws, but there's always room for interpretation when it comes to laws ey?

My take on it: Humans are ill-organized, severely misguided and arrogant when it comes to this.

We can do all kinds of testing and "learn" from history of earlier mistakes(yeah right, not all of us, that's clear. Mistakes being something subject to around 7 billion interpretations after all), but yet still we do all the stupid things we do, despite all what animal testing has "provided" us with.
We can impose so much on everything not being able to decline or consent to something, to which we, in order to not lie sleepless at nights, give ourselves some dubious rule about whether it's worth it or not to follow. Bah!

Most of these tests are probably made because we're such a dysfunctional species to begin with, and you know what? I'm living, I'm making use of and my life is somewhat, though perhaps not visibly, easier than it probably would have been, hadn't it been for animal testing and so on.

It really is maddening to know of this and go about repeating my own mistakes, day in day out, never ending cycles it seems, becoming a reason for continued 'necessary' cruelty towards others not me, sugar-coated so as to make it bearable, for our "benefit."
And people going about life in a happy-go-lucky manner, I can never really relate to them it seems. This is part of the reason as to why I will always be cautious around people, no matter whom it is.

What can we do, hmm?

Food for thought: If all the experimenting we did trying to find out more about ourselves, was carried out on humans only; think this would speed up things?

Note: I'm thankful for any insight on any mistakes I may have made, it'll probably only serve to aid my misery after all~ ;D