Through all the barriers we have overcome as a species this is one we still have a firm grip on, I don't see why we hold so dear to the concept of wrong and right. At the end of the day all it does to the species is bring:
  • separation of between humanity
  • righteous pride
  • unfairness

The most important one; it is too based on ones selfish need and too little for the benefit of others. Maybe it all boils down to the selfishness of humanity, but if we keep this concept humanity is never going to come to terms with one another and I shudder to think what will happen when we get civilised in space.

Now I know if we do get rid of this something else will have to take its place. I am just speaking my mind here but I thought of the concept of Progression of Humanity and the Delay of humanity and we should have a common goal (e.g. to learn everything, or explore everywhere) so this concept stands true. It would be based on what makes humanity go froward(progress) and what makes us go backwards(delay).

Now I don't know anyway this can actually be countered but I may just blinded by my own thoughts. So if you see a counter to this then please do tell.

I don't know what peoples reactions are going to be to this, maybe you think I am just an idiot who shouldn't make these types of threads again or you may of found this to be interesting and a good read, nevertheless let me know what you think, thanks.