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    Clariya Uchiha Bio

    Basic Information
    Name:Claryia Uchiha
    Nickname:Clarian or Clare
    Age: 23

    At a young age Clariya Uchiha wore a small jacket that was blue with the Uchiha family crest, it looks something to similar to Hinata’s and Kiba’s jacket. Also seen wearing Ninja joinnin boots instead of the genin ninja shoes, and wearing pants even in the mid-summer. Almost always seen when she was young with her hair up and a dragon fruit flower in her pony tail.
    Dragon Fruit Flower:

    A glass necklace she always seen wearing a glass necklace given by her father when she was a toddler, and the only memory of her family. She wears her ninja star and kunai knife pouch on her right leg and two other pouches on her rear.
    Clariya’s original hair color was raven black and grayish blue eyes, but shortly after being the caves for so long her hair went silver and her eyes went ocean blue, all due to the lack of light in the caves.
    Over time her clothing changes to a blue or white dress, high knee socks and special made ninja boots made to look like heels to throw off her opponent of her speed by making her look like she’s slower than she really is. Her whole outfit does this fact of making her look innocent. She some times seen with a white cape with the bottom and the tears dipped in black.

    Clayria is a strong stubborn girl with heart of steel to new people. Its not easy for Clairya to let people in though when she does she tends to protect them with her life and treats them like family. She only has two friends, Katio and Grimmjow, a ninja she met on a mission. In some sense she is smart like Shikamaru if she wished to do so. She only tends to fight when her opponent attacks first, at this point she never will run away. She is kind to people after knowing they aren’t a threat to her and her frineds.:

    Village Info.
    Village of Birth:Hidden Leaf
    Village of Alliance:Kiri

    Rank//Chakra Info.
    Ninja Rank: S-Class Ninja
    Specialty: Na
    Wind: In Progress
    Lighting: In progress

    Your ninjutsu:

    Henge no Jutsu) - Transformation Technique

    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Henge no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique, which every ninja learns at the Ninja Academy.
    Henge allows the ninja to transform themselves into any person or object.
    This allows the ninja to move with stealth or to trick their opponents.

    shadow clone justu
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:A clone made of the user that can move but(cannot use any jutsu)This clone is merely an illusionary projection of the user.

    Nawanuke No Jutsu) - Escape Skill
    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:Using chakra the user can escape from being tied down(only works with non-chakra ropes).

    (Kawarimi no Jutsu) - Change of Body Stance Technique

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description: Kawarimi no Jutsu is a basic Ninjutsu technique.
    When in danger the ninja will quickly substitute themselves with another nearby object.
    This can be a block of wood or even another person.
    This allows the ninja to quickly flee and hide while the original object takes the brunt of their opponents attack.

    (Bikoku Ninjutsu) - Shadow Stealth Technique

    Chakra Cost:5
    Damage Points:N/A
    Description:This jutsu lets the user follow the target covert by concealing the users presence

    Background Info.
    History: Clariya Uchiha was born in the Hidden Leaf Village on December 19, when it was snowing and a lunar eclipse was happening outside. Her parents where Marci Uchiha and Kno Uchiha.
    At age four, she started school at the academy in the hidden leaf. She knew Sasuke and Itachi but barely talked to her cousins. Sasuke and Clariya resided in different classrooms; Clariya also knew Ino, sakura, Shikamaru whom she often liked playing shoji with and knew of Kiba, whom she once had a crush on. She really never talked to Kiba as she too shy and tended to stay away from him although she liked him.
    During the Uchiha Massacre, Itachi came to her house while she had just come home early. He killed both of her parents, right in front of her. Scared, she used the family justu and failed. Her father had just told her about the justu moments ago before Itachi came.
    Clariya fled quickly to a nearby mountain, regardless Itachi was on her trail. When she hid in a cave that was un-seeable to the obvious because it was burrowed underground and covered with a rock, he called her out and lying that he wouldn’t hurt her. After an hour of checking the caves, giving up Itachi leaves and finishes the Uchiha killing. Clariya didn’t dare leave during this hour, nor did she even move in the darkness of the cave during the next two days. After that time period, a rare white tiger that happen to be a summon. At seeing the frightened girl, now 14, the tiger questions Clariya.
    “Young one, why are you residing in my cave?” he asks.
    Clariya does not speak as she looks up shaking.
    “I do not wish to harm you child. Now speak!” he demands.
    “I am hiding from a man for he wishes me dead. I have done nothing to this man for he is of my own blood.” She explains.
    “Then You need protection correct? Then I will teach you the skills and help you gain to the power necessary to do so. Yet, first you must tell me your story.”
    Clariya nods reluctantly and explains everything to the tiger as he lays next to her and listens.
    “Now that you know my story and my name, would it be alright to know you-“ the tiger interrupts.
    “In time my child, but for now I will be your guardian. I will provide the food during your stay.” He says before falling asleep next to her.

    Her natural element, fire. Her hair and eye color have changed during this time due to the lack of sunlight in the caves. She also has learned the tigers name as well, Kentio, meaning one who is strong.
    At the age of 16 and at the age of 18 she leaves the caves for the first time in five years.
    She takes her time exploring the land outside the caves and ends up in the Kirigakure after exploring for two years. She then becomes a ninja.
    After two and a half years of being a ninja for the Hidden Mist, she disappears weirdly on a small easy mission. When a search party was sent to find her where a bouts, they came empty handed except a kunai knife dug into a tree filled with her chakra and attached to the kunai was her ninja dog tags that had her name, birth date, and ninja number.
    It is unsure of what happened to Clariya Uchiha but it is believed that she secretly retired and hid herself back in her caves or became an Akatsuki Member. Since she is a missing ninja, there is a price upon her head of 70,000 ryo.


    Younger Clariya: (will upload later im drawing them)


    Age 25:

    Claryia and Katio togther:

    Theme Song and Background Music:
    Theme Song:

    Intro/Her singing:



    Note: the Charater odes not have the tiger as a summon yet, nor is it a pet. it is mearly a wild animal that follows her on its free will.

    ~Approved~ removed half the bio, there is no sound clan, you're not going to be taught by a white tiger summoning and the tiger can't be used for anything. Also you don't have the Sharingan, that has to be taught.
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    Re: Clariya Uchiha Bio

    Nice bio.

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    Re: Clariya Uchiha Bio

    awesome bio

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    Re: Clariya Uchiha Bio

    Excellent ._.

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    Re: Clariya Uchiha Bio

    Love the Pics. Nice bio.

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    Re: Clariya Uchiha Bio

    pm/vm me id like to suggest some things but dont have time right now well done tho

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    Re: Clariya Uchiha Bio

    EPIC BIO!!

    btw, who is she...she's pretty :D

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