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    Re: Naruto has never lost in part 2

    Quote Originally Posted by Naruto9001 View Post
    So getting injured means you lose? If that was true than dam near everyone in Naruto has lost a fight.

    That's why your logic is very flawed. Naruto's been saved but his never lost.
    No my logic isn't flawed if it's a 1v1 or 1 vs any and someone saves you. Is it a DQ lose if Mike tyson was fighting Ali and right before he knocked Ali out someone stopped his punch and Ali knocked him out? yes exact I use fighters logic.

    Haven't there been fight were Naruto said let me fight him alone and we he is about to loses someone saves him. That's a DQ lose in the book of fighting 1v1. Do you know what 1v1 means? Would Obito beat Naruto if Guy and Kakashi didn't show up????? well then...

    Naruto has never lost a fight in shippuden... He has also never won a high level fight without help in shippuden either.
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