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    (DrProof) Raikiri's Extirpating Aptitude


    Constant falsity is directed into subsection when rivaling the current binomial techniques at hand; Raikiri and Kirin. Theoretically speaking, Raikiri was canonically stated to have extirpated a lightning bolt; albeit bystanders seem to delude presented evidence when paralleling said methods.. Thus reasoning for said threads construction; illuminating an important misconception: Raikiri invalidly cannot extirpate Kirin, insistently deluding canonical evidence stated within the manga.. "No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it." -Albert Einstein


    Raikiri is famously recalled Lightning Cutter, and is widely known due to current facts stated canonically..

    • Maito Gai astonishingly stated Kakashi severed a lightning bolt with said technique.
    • Raikiri constantly proclaims to presently be Kakashi's signature technique.
    • Consistency of immense chakra control deems said technique an S-rank jutsu; a formidable weapon.

    Knowing the above factual statements, I will momentarily list factual statements that of Kirin/Lightning itself..

    • Lightning actually goes at variable speeds, because it is not just light, but electron plasma moving through charged air. It can depend on air conditions, but the typical lightning bolts move at 224,000 mph -- or about 3,700 miles per second.
    • You can figure how far you are from the lightning strike by timing the pause between seeing the flash, and hearing the thunder.
    • Kirin is yielded to strike the users target, Sasuke clearly provided said gestures.

    Such being stated, I can deduce by the second fact of lightning that the Sharingan could highly-likely provide "extra" observation and/or enhanced prediction methods[1][2][3][4].. Thus being said, ultimately I consistently predict that Kakashi's Sharingan exceedingly allowed him to envisage an outgoing lightning bolt extirpating the current in the end.. Ongoing pandemonium about the said topic should indeed be extinguished after reading this conspicuous thread; thus one cannot inconsistently deny the proof provided within manga residents followed consistently by databook statements as well.


    Kirin/Lightning can be extirpated by Raikiri by said means:

    • The given visual prowess of the Sharingan, allows the user capable of envisaging movements; Kirin's wielders hand gestures would be read by Sharingan enabling a counter..
    • The given visual prowess of the Sharingan, allows the user capable of foreseeing future movements; Kirin's wielders gestures would be predicted, enabling a counter..
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