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Yeah, I never disagreed on this. My initial answer to this thread, was that it is simply a metaphor used by Kishi. I was simply trying to deem it possible with human logic + manga logic. It could happen, no doubt, but it would require immense luck and anticipation. Say Kakashi was in a thunderstorm for many days, a setup could be made, so that a lightning would strike at a certain location more times than all the other locations inside the storm. Thus having luck and anticipation, it could be timed, so that he would strike the lightning. If one were to simply interact with the lightning momentarily, say less than 0,01 seconds, it would not cause damage to the person. Even airplanes traveling with about 800 kmh are hit by lightnings. The speed, which they travel with, are one of the main factors, for the low-damage taken, allowing the plane to complete its travel. Though I would believe most are landed afterwards just to be sure. Of course an airplane has several other factors, which determine the outcome, however, the people inside it feels nothing, or so I would believe (never tried it). In the end, however, this is a manga. I mean Kishi even explains much at a molecular/cellular level already.
I agree. And to the statement that Kishi explains into the cellular level etc.. He explains into mythology as well, and scientific notions at times.