i m predicting that the next few chapters will show the ones who know everything with some kind of back and forth with the war.
also when u all are thinking that the alliance is winning against madara and obito the jubbi will transform again becoming an unstopable killing machine.
when this happens (if this is the last transformation) obito will use rinnin tensi and bring madara to life.
madara will be the 10 tails host and he will start the eye moon plan.
1. but when all is going to end sasuke will show up and with naruto will defeate madara.
2. madara will play around untill sasuke comes and fights naruto. after naruto defeates him , naruto will be the so6p and defeate madara and save the day

also i m sure that both naruto and sasuke will die in their fight. so sakura will save naruto just like chio did to gara.