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    Project K RP

    Welcome folks to the world of Project K. The world we live in, which is normal day japan is very technologically advanced.Now, let me explain the clans. There are 3 clans(At least the ones who have shown their abilities in the show). Each clan has 1 leader, who is called a King. Each King, has his own specific powers, and grants those powers to his clan members. Now, lets get more in depth about clans, their kings, and that clan's unique powers.

    Silver Clan.

    KING: Adolf K. Weismann/ Yashiro Isana

    Clan powers: Gravity Manipulation

    Blue Clan

    Blue King

    Clan powers: Enhanced Skill in Sword combat as well being able to project Blue Energy type waves.

    Red Clan

    Red King

    Clan power: Fire manipulation.

    Please post your character in this format


    In this RP i will be the Silver King, Isana Yashiro.
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