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    Riders of Berk rp

    Welcome to berk. We are villagers who use to fight dragons because we thought they were the enemy come to find out they weren't. They were only stealing our live stock to survive. They were feeding their leader who was way bigger then them. Don't believe me here is a picture.

    After managing to destroy the monster with my ideas and my dragon, Silver night; we got berk to accept the dragons. They soon started eating fish and not our live stock. I am the leader of the dragons and to train others to ride the dragons. My name is Alex the shadow seeker and We may be villagers like others but we are different. We have Dragons.

    The template:
    Appearance: (picture is needed, doesnt have to look like mine)
    Dragon: (name and picture is needed)

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Name: Alex the shadow seeker
    Age: 17
    Dragon: Silver night

    (I only changed the story line and characters but just so I don't get in trouble. Riders of berk is not something I made up. Yes its a show but I am not stealing so I get the credit to the show and movie)

    Alex: -sits on a cliff waiting for the others- Where are they? They should have been here earlier.
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