Hi NB, someone linked me a thread not too long ago and it was about 'supernatural' things. While scrolling through I came across one of the creepiest gifs (to me at least)... It was one of those kinds that are ESPECIALLY scary/creepy in situations like: "Late at night & alone in the dark; imagining some scary **** coming out of the the shadows". You know.... 'THAT' kind of scary/creepiness. :p And what better time than 3:55 AM to post this thread

Anyway, here it is: Let me know if you thought that it was scary/creepy. It will be interesting to see the similarities and differences between what people fear the most. (ex: like ghosts, aliens, or demons etc.)


Post some of your own scary gifs! (only post the ones that YOU yourself find scary)

Ready, set, GO!

vv~ Click if you dare ~vv