Madara: damn that brat, he cut our connection with the Juubi

Obito: Madara distract them while I try to get a connection reestablished

Madara: hmmm seems I get to have a little more fun, make the connection fast

Madara walks forward

Naruto: whats he planning

Kakashi: Naruto stand back, all he wants are you and Bee-sama

Madara: not anymore, it seems that by accepting Naruto's chakra you all turned into mini tailed beasts

Naruto and Kakashi and others have a surprised look on their faces

Madara: but don't worry, we don't have control of the Juubi... yet

Naruto: Kakashi..

Kakashi: yea

Kakashi tries to jump to Obito but Madara uses wood style to counter him and throw him in towards the alliance

Naruto: Kakashi!!!

Obito jumps on top of the Juubi and it screams

Obito: don't worry Juubi

Obito places a hand on him

Obito: you soon will be in storage again

out of Obito's neck comes another wood connector

cut to the Kages

Tsunade: hurry... I... don't have... much...

???: here i'll help!!!!

Tsunade: you... how???

we see Naruto

Naruto: this is only a clone when Madara said that you kages were in trouble I had a clone sneak off to help

Tsunade: Naruto bring the others too me

cut back to the real Naruto

Naruto: Kakashi hes about to make another connection!!!

Naruto sends a chakra arm at Kakashi to pick him up and throw him

Madara: not this again

as Kakashi gets close Madara sends the wood out to try and stop him

Kakashi&Naruto: NOT THIS TIME!!!!

Kakashi warps himself to the other dimension to avoid Madara's attack and get past him

Naruto: YAHOO HE MADE IT!!!!

Kakashi: ( hope I still have enough energy for 1 more)

Cut Back to the Kages and Naruto clone

Naruto and the slug has all Kages near Tsunade

Tsunade: now.. I have to.. heal them

a green light surrounds her and it spreads to all the other Kage

Tsunade: Naruto, when their healed take them to the fight... they know how to beat Madara

Naruto: Grandma, your not coming?

Tsunade: no......

Slug: no... this cant be her chakra is not strong enough, they are all fading

Naruto: not if I have something to do with it!!!

Naruto passes most of his KM chakra to Tsunade so that she can pass it to the other Kage

Tsunade: Naruto, thank you

Naruto: your welcome

Tsunade: theres one more thing I have to tell you

she tells him to lean in and she tells him something that makes him surprised/happy

Tsunade: they should be waking up now

all the Kage start to make sounds, and they have a Chakra cloak from Naruto's chakra

cut back to the real Naruto

Naruto: Madara, your going down!!!!!!, and this is coming from the true 6th hokage!!!!!!!

Naruto points at his forhead protector with his thumb

Naruto: believe it!!!!

with the Kage back and almost to the fight, will Naruto becoming the Hokage change anything.... TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO FIND OUT!!!!!!!!!!