Will it come true?
I posted this in the wrong forum, so re-doing it.

Nowadays there's a lot racism. One of the main reasons in my opinion is ignorance, lack of knowledge, lack of skill to understand the others and the most important from these ones, they think they can get away with it. That's the reason there is a lot racism on internet, like on 9gag, where most of the times a post included a black person, sad comments like "found the black guy" "kfc" "ni66a stole my bike" etc... Basically geeks behind the screen, trying to act funny....

But then does it mean that people aren't racist or don't express it because they are afraid of the consequences?
Obama now is the USA president, completing now his 2nd term.. Is this some kinda of sign? I mean most of the voters where white and applause him...
But then, this is USA, the world is much bigger than USA, there's plenty racism in Europe, football matches with people doing monkey sounds.... Really? How can they be this ignorant, and in western Europe they do even worst, they physically attack asians and stuff.

Is it just a matter of time to Martin Luther Kind dream come true? And more blacks, asians, whites being in touch with each other, so they can understand each other, and see that there isn't a difference... What are your thoughts?