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    f**k i use that email to everything, school and other

    Quote Originally Posted by DeViliShChild View Post
    When you started your email account, you had to put a backup account in case you lose your password.
    kh***** is your backup email address that you entered when you started your account. If you just put in BS then you are screwed.
    ****, i'm screwed. i don't remember a thing
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    Re: Someone hack my hotmail

    Try and use the forgot password feature and if that goes successfully, change your password to something stronger (probably the reason you got hacked in the first place was cause of a weak pwd).

    In choosing a password try not to use dictionary words or phrases or even names, make your password unique and near impossible to guess by both 'humans and machines', in fact the best approach is usually to turn it into some sort of code that only you can decipher but if that's bordering on paranoia for you, you could always make it a mash up of unrelated words such the last four letters of your surname plus a set of numbers and finally a part of the name of that particular site. You can also try using non-alphanumeric characters to place alphanumeric ones; e.g of a strong narutobase pwd for a John Edwards could be; '@[email protected]' (notice here, the '@' replaces the 'a' in 'ards' and 'base'). Hope this helps.

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