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    Kingdom Hearts-Xtra...Chapter 1...

    Thank you if you just click on here! This is Chapter 1 to this installment of the first book my series of Kingdom Hearts! Hope you like it, even love it!

    Here's the intro: ...I recommend reading this before reading chapter 1, and have a good time!


    "Angel, come on, you need to get up. We need to hurry," said a boy who yawned quite loudly. Angel woke up, yawned, stretched, and got up. She asked him,"What's going on? Why so tired?" He sighed and said,"You really do forget don't you, our master is going to take us to the Radiant Garden, remember? He told us he's going to ride the Star which is going to leave in a day. We need to get ready before then. This world bores me a bit, there's not much stuff to do here, except looking at the ocean."

    Angel remembered now. She look around and saw they were in Destiny Islands, a small world of beautiful small islands surrounded by the sea. Her master came from here, and took her and Arken here to train. She must've dozed off, even if this world was small, it was just beautiful. She looked and Arken who then said, "We hid the master's secret map somewhere here as a joke, remember? We need to find it before we leave. Angel, you hid it, where is it?"

    She looked at the ground, and then up at him. She then said,"Well, you see, do I put this? Arken then asked with a pinch of irony in his voice and eyes,"You-you don't remember where you put it?"

    She then nervously laughed and said,"At least we have a day! Haha, this place isn't that big! We can find it!" Arken sighed and said,"Okay, I guess you're right, but we need to really hurry. We can't stay in this world." They both looked at the rest of the island behind them. Angel then said,"Let's go!"

    Angel stood by Arken, she couldn't believe how tall he had gotten. He had short gray hair, green eyes. slightly dark skin, anf of course, he was tall. He wore a shortsleeved open and unzipped gray shirt. Underneath was a blue shirt. He also wore fingerless white gloves, black pants, and red shoes.

    He then said,"Let's check out the boats at the dock. I don't think they're going anywhere soon." The two of them walked to the boats at the single dock
    at the edge of the beach. Angel jumped into one of the small woodne boats, and saw there blankets covering something up. She then said,"I think it's here."
    She took off the blankets, and found a small chest made of wood. She picked it up and said,"Maybe it's not."

    "Hey!! That's our treasure!! Hands off!!" yelled a boy about their age standing there at the beginning of the dock with two of his friends. They all wore blue shorts, black shoes, and different color shirts. The one who talked to them was the smallest one and he wore a yellow shirt. Angel then saw they all had the smae brown hair, and blue eyes as well. They weren't triplets though. One of the other two was tallest, and wore a red shirt, while the other one who was average height, wore a blue shirt.

    The yellow shirt one then told them,"That's our treasure!! Do you know who we are!! We're the Clobber Gang, so don't mess with us, or you're in for serious trouble!! We are, in attendance: Mago, the Yellow, Pilfer, the Red, and Veka, the Blue!!"

    Arekn then laughed,"You all look like a bunch of idiots to me." Pilfer then said,"You take that vak you, um...dummy!" Arken laughed again and asked him,"Is that your best comeback? You got to be joking!"

    Mago then asked Arken,"Do you want to get messed up then? Bring it on!" The three of them pulled out wooden swords, and were ready to fight. Arken then summoned his orange and black keyblade, and said,"Fine then! You asked for it!" Angel the sighed and said,"Oh great."

    She joined Arken in the small battle, and summoned her blue and white keyblade. She looked at Arken and said,"Let's get this over with!" The Clobber gang came at them, all of them yelling,"We are the Clobber Gang!" They were about to attack when Arken tapped Mago's head with his keyblade. Mago froze, started crying like a baby, and yelled,"You're a meany!! That hurt!! Retreat!!" They ran away, and the two keyblade wielders stood there, and bursted into laughter. Angel then told him,"We have a map to find!"

    They left the dock area, and walked to an even smaller island that was connected to the island they were on by a bridge. This small island had only four plam trees, and one of them which bent down and up. Each palm tree grew a strange kind of fruit that was in a star-shaped form.

    The two looked around, and didn't see anything. Arekn the picked up one of the star-shaped fruit that was on top of a small bit of grass like someone left it there. He looked at Angel, and felt nervous. He then said,"Angel, I want to give you, this Papou fruit." Angel smiled and,"Thank you Arken, that is so nice." Arken smiled nervously and said,"A Papou fruit has a special power. When you give it to someone, your hearts will be connected forever. At least that's what I heard."

    Angel then said,"Aw, thank you! Of course our hearts are connected! We're best friends forever!" She then looked under the bent palm tree. Arken look at her then the ground. He then though in his mind,"But, I want to be more than just friends..."

    She got up and said,"I guess it's not here. We have to keep looking. Darnit, where did I put that map?" All of a sudden a great light flashed over the island, and a beam of energy came down to the beach. It disappeared, and out of it came came a man wearing yellow and white body armor all over, and a helmet. Pure light radiated off of him.

    Angel and Arken saw him. Angel asked him,"Who is he?" Arken the said,"I don't know." They then saw the Clobber Gang appear. They nervously walked towards him, and Mago said very excitedly yet nervously,"Light Warrior, can I have your autograph? I love you!!"

    The warrior laughed and said,"Of course I can. How many autographs is that now Mago?" Mago then said,"About ten."

    Arken then said,"He's not from this world, but he seems to be like a celebrity. We should go, and meet him." The two then came to the beach to meet the Light Warrior. The two then came down to meet him. He was signing the autographs when Mago noticed them. He then said,"Let's go guys! The two keyblade wielders are stinking up the joint!"

    The gang then left. Mago looked back at Arken and gave him the stinkeye. Arken noticed and ignored him. This made Mago mad, but the gang still just walked away. The warrior was confuse by this, but kept out of it. He looked at the two and asked,"Wait, did Mago say you two are keyblade wielders?" Angel was about to say yes but he smiled at them and said,"You two than might know who Sora is!"

    Angel and Arken looked at each other. "How do you know our master?" Angel asked. "Sora and I go way back,"said the warrior. "A few years ago he came to my world which was plunged into darkness, and he saved many including me. I promised him I'll always be there to help."

    They never heard their master tell them about this or even the warrior. Arken then asked,"So why do you need him?" The warrior then said,"I have an urgent message for him from the great Yen Sid. The wizard sent me because he hasn't been able to get a hold of him. This message is serious, do you know where he is?"

    Angel then said,"Yes, I believe he's in the town area." She pointed at an island close by that had a small town on it. The warrior quickly said thanks and disappeared in a flash of light. He rose his great golden sceptor and said something. They turned and noticed a great light appearing in the town area. Arken the said,"He should've just took a boat."

    "I wonder what the message's about," Angel said. "Oh well, we need to find that map. We keep getting distracted," Arken said a bit worried. "Okay, don't worry," Angel laughed. "We'll find it."

    They left the beach area, walked up a ladder or two, looked behind bushed, and couldn't find anything. They found a rope, two shells, and piece of wood. They decided to seperate. Arken went to the back of the island while she stayed in the front. She then noticed something.

    She saw an opening near the waterfall. A small opening for a cave known as the Secret Place. She walked up to the opening and stopped. She felt someone was watching her. Suddenly she heard something, it came from the cave. It sounded like a girl's voice, but it was mixed with the wind. She felt something the made her feel...different.

    She walked in. She made it through a small tunnel, and made it to the inside of the cave. She saw all the walls and rocks had carving of people and things on them. They were drawings. On top of the cave was an opening for sunlight to come through, so it wasn't dark. She saw a wooden door with no keyhole on it to open it at all. She felt weird being here, and she didn't know why.

    "The time is nigh, and now you must follow me." Angel jumped when she heard this, and turned around to see a person wearing a black long hooded cloack and black boots. The hood covered the person's face. It was a girl. The person stood there in light and darkness. "Who-who are you?" Angel asked not knowing what to do. The girl the said,"It happened, and that's why."

    Angel was confused and suddenly the girl appeared in front of her. She felt the girl looking directly into her eyes, and even her sould. Suddenly the girl walked through like a ghost. She was petrified. She looked around, and saw whoever that was gone. She then heard whispers coming from behing the door. Was she going crazy? No, she couldn't. The whispers started getting louder and louder. The voices started mixing together. She just stood there frozen. Then all the voices disappeared, and she heard a voice say:

    "Lux Ultima..."

    She felt someone touch her shoulder. She turned around and saw Arken who then asked her,"Are you okay? You look like you've seen a ghost." Angel then hugged him and felt safe. He was surprised, laughed, and asked,"Are you alright?"

    Angel then said releasing him. "I'm sorry, I'm okay, and thank you. Are you blushing?" Arken realized he was blushing, and said,", anyway, did you find the map?" She then looked down and said,"No I didn't. Something happened." Arken laughed. "What's so funny?" Angel asked. He pulled out the map, and said,"It's right here!"

    She felt like an idiot. She laughed and said,"That's awesome." "You hid it in the grove next to the watchtower," Arken said. "Oh yeah, now I remember, haha," she said walking out of the cave with Arken. Arken went out, but she looked back. What happened in there? Was that...all in her head? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't.

    They sat on the beach, and looked at the sunset. They were both eating fruit they had found. Suddenly Angel noticed something. "Arken, isn't that the Star?" He saw it too, it was the Star! It was flying up to the skies! They jumped onto their feet panicked. Arken then asked scared,"Did our master just leave without us?"

    Out of nowhere they heard screams. They looked and saw the town being attacked by strange monsters. The two summoned their keyblades, and were going to go help when suddenly they were surrounded by the strange monsters. There had to be just a lot of them. The two went back to back and were ready to fight.

    The monsters were all floating blue opaque orbs with yellow eyes. They were hallow, but inside was a small energy core of darkness like a core. Angel noticed on their skin was a strange sign of a heart connected to an infinity sign on its left. Arken then said,"Let's take care of them!" He ran at the creatures, but suddenly a crack in reality appeared under him, and he fell down into the darkness. He turned back ,and tried to grab Angel's hand, but it was too late.

    Angel screamd,"No!! Arken!!" She was going to go in, but it closed up. She was furious and yelled,"How dare you!" She was ready to fight all the monsters surrounding her. They were closing in, and it didn't matter how many she took out, more and more of them kept appearing. She didn't know what to do, and suddenly a voice appeared in her head. It said,"Now it's time." It kept saying it over and over again, faster and faster.

    She started feeling dizzy and lightheaded. What was going on?! She started feeling sleepy, and could tell she was going to pass out. She couldn't! The monsters came at her, but suddenly she saw a light. All the monsters were being wiped out one by one. All of them were gone, and she regained thought. She then noticed a black mouse with a black button nose, huge eyes with black pupils, and had big round ears. He wore a red shirt, black shorts, black shoes, white gloves, and he was weilding a golden keyblade. He was by her side and asked her,"Are you okay?"

    She didn't know what to say, and suddenly more the monsters appeared. He grabbed her hand and said,"Hold on to my hand. We're going to go!" He pointed his keyblade into the air, and threw it. It transformed into a small spaceship they jumped into. They left the island and were flying over the sea when one of the monsters came out of sea. It was a giant with the sign on its chest. It had yellow eyes like the other but no mouth. It had long sharp claws, and tentacles coming from its back.

    "Hold on again,"said the mouse who was steering the ship. They dodged the monster's attacks, and the ship stopped for a second, but had a powerful boost that sent into the skies and stars really fast. Angel couldn't believe what was happening, and it was happening so fast. They made it pass the skies, and were out of Destiny Islands. They were in the Lanes Between Worlds. The mouse looked at her, and told her,"I'm Mickey, Mickey Mouse."
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