Education and armor,

Self-defence, our tribe,

Our language, our leader—

All help us survive.

Basic Information

Name : Zero Mandalorian
Nickname : Zero, The blood drinker
Gender : Male
Age : 18
Clan : Mandalorian

Looks :
Zero is lean and tall, with silver hair, that hangs over his eyes. His eyes themselves, are grey, and bleak. He has a striking face, that makes him look serious almost all the time. On his neck, he has a tattoo that looks like a cross. On his left side. On the back of his hand, there is his porcupine summoning tattoo.

Personality :
Zero is a stern, and serious person though calm despite the situation at hand. When angered, his actions become fairly erratic,making him seem out of control though each of his movements, are deliberate.

Village Info.

Village of Birth :
Village of Alliance :

Rank//Chakra Info.

Ninja Rank : Kage
Specialty : Suiton | Fuuton | Mandalorian Techniques
Elements :

| | | |

Your ninjutsu :

忍 - Ninjutsu | 玄 - Genjutsu (Non-Sharingan) | 泰 - Taijutsu (Non-EIG) | Mandalorian Techniques | Customs

Background Info.

History : Zero Was born in Iwagakure no sato, in this village he came to realize he wanted to become a ninja as he saw those in the village inspire him. Zero strove to become a great ninja, and set out into the world to train, and learn what it means to be a ninja. As he travelled, he began his training with numerous masters, as Zero trained he found that water was his forte, he had a natural skill and affinity with it, as such he finished the element in no time. As he moved onto wind, zero began to realize what it means to be a shinobi as he learned of all his masters hardships on their journey's to become ninja. Zero had been lucky, being born into a time of relative peace. Biding ado to his wind trainer, Zero took on his next element of lightning, with it he found that not all ninja are bitter or angry about the wars in the past. Most accept it as a way of life, and understand that things can become difficult. With lightning finished, zero began to think of the philosophical nature of a shinobi. they are sneaky, and generally are meant for dark purposes in war, but as he progressed, gaining experience he realized not all are like that. His fire trainer, was patient, and lived his ninja life in the lime light, and that patience was needed as Zero needed all he could get, as it was the natural opposite to his natural affinity of water. In time, he moved on to his last element, and took on earth head on, with the patience to succeed instilled in him by his previous master. With his elements finished, Zero found he was of a special clan lineage that utilized armor in order to utilize their skills without fear. Zero learned he was a Mandalorian, and thats where this story begins...


Special Abilities :

The will of the Rock: Zero has inherited the will of Iwagakure no sato. This will, keeps him going in battle as he fights for the honour of his village, and the protection of his people. Thus he is not perturbed by most injuries and will continue fighting.

Suiton Proficiency: Zero as his natural affinity for Suiton, can perform all Suiton techniques with one handseal. He can also recognise most Suiton techniques, and their effects much quicker then that of a normal shinobi allowing him to react quicker.

Wind Proficiency:
Zero secondary element of preference, he enjoys the element greatly, and as such focused his time into learning the hand seals for most of wind jutsus, letting him make the hand seals far quicker

Mandalorian Attributes: Zero as a part of the Mandalorian clan has heightened instincts in battle and is always fearless in battle. He has seen people die, right in front of him, and he has never batted an eyelash. This makes him a fearsome opponent to face as he won't flinch at any near death experience

Picture[s] :

Without Armor:

With Armor:

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Won : 9
Lost : 4

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