The Uchiha clan has been brought to shame, on NB. I must however stand against that false believe, because the base of that belief stands on the anti-heroes of the show.

The anti-heroes :


These 3 are murderers and traitors. Therefore I do not get how people tend to believe their side of the story blindly like fools, and not wait for the real story behind the Uchiha clan. So far what can be said about the situation the Uchiha clan was in , is that they had the right to do it. They had the right to go against their government who was not giving them equal treatments.

I'm aware that people will try to counter my claim with statements like the following:

" They wanted to take over", "they were power-hungry" , "They were gonna attack the village".

Yet all those statements have been said by the traitors of Konoha, and mass murderers. And also, from a kid.

People tend to believe Itachi was "wise" as a kid, and he was not "naive" or w.e. But they tend to ignore the fact that in the end he was still a CHILD. No child is "wise". Especially the one who believed that mass genocide would lead to a peace.

Now that I have proven the base of the claim wrong. I would now like to move on to part 2.


Uchiha clan, was betrayed by its leaders. Why? because of the fact that instead of trying to talk to them, and ask what is the thing that was disturbing them, they didn't care if their strongest clan got annihilated. This I will divide into 3 leaders:


Now most of you will post stuff like this about the hokage:

" he was overpowered by the other 3"

(Now this is for the hardcore Hiruzen fans if they claim what is posted above.) I thought hes the God of Shinobi? What happened to the God? he became a pebble of 3 mere humans he himself rose to power.

"Sarutobi was innocent".

You can only claim this if he had apologized about the uchiha genocide, instead of going along with what a child of age 13 felt was the best. He didn't care, he simply put it right behind him. Also, he knew who had done it, he knew who was the master behind it all. Yet he let that man stay in Konoha.

Sarutobi = Guilty


The council of Konoha is no better than Madara or Itachi. They declared the Uchiha traitors of the leaf, without even asking them anything or even analyzing the situation. And this is the same council who gave their Konoha comrade (Neji's dad) just so they could have peace.

Danzo: This man has destroyed Konoha more than anyone else. He has worked with the enemies of Konoha. He also, deserted his comrades on more than one occasion. And on top of that deserted the Hokage, and killed many innocent people. This man, thought that the Uchiha, the very people who helped protect Konoha many times, were gonna attack and cause a war. BUT, that was not his real plan, his real plan was to get those Uchiha eyes and put down the clan that might have given him a run for the title of Hokage.

The 2 old Geezers: These 2 really need to learn what "passing on the torch " means. It has been 3 generations already, but these 2 still do not let go of political power. They declared the Uchiha traitors, right after what Itachi told them. Like really? You people are gonna declare the clan of your village as traitors because of a child?

the Council/Danzo = Guilty

Leave your opinions and etc please. And tell me how I can improve on my threads. Thank you very much.