This maybe childish and useless....but i just noticed that there are quite a few coincidence when most of the guys/gal here talks about their fan-hood such as

1) below 15 yo = Mostly they likely to have crush on Sakura, Hinata, Sasuke and Naruto, or driven into the love triangle story

2) above 15 and below 25 = Kakashi, Gai, and a lot of other matured characters, but still some are very fond of matching pairs.

3) above 25 = Despised love story, hunger for more action and bloodbath, crazy for things like Madara/Obito and more tense situation, love older character woman or man etc.

And please, dont hate me, this is just a random opinion, i maybe wrong but i know no one really cared about this......have a nice day....:D