hello guys, it's me kooko & i am huge sakura & tsunade fan in NB :hey:

i want to talk about my favourite characters (sakura & tsunade) and i want to explain why they are so underrated :mad:

i admit that sakura was weak in part1 but in (shippuden) she became really awesome character in so many ways

1- she trained under 5th hokage ..
2- she beat sasori
3- she helped to heal kankoru
4- she destroyed pain's summon with only 1 hit which even jiraya's great summon couldn't do that
5- she discovered white zetsu & smashed him with one hit & without her healing nobody will survive in war and we will see more death .

and all these great actions from sakura, i found some members dare to call her useless

she's awesome from part1, even in part2 she's one of the top10 shinobi of all time & that's in my list

1- she's the only remain from sanju clan (the strongest clan ever lived)
2- she's the strongest hokage after 1st hokage ofcourse .
3- she's the strongest sannin that's why she become the hokage .
4- in databook, her power is 35 which is highest score i have ever seen
5- she's best medicail ninja ever lived and sakura is 2nd ofcourse ..

and after all this , some members in NB said , she's weak & they underrate her and they forgot that she's one of great characters of all time :flaw:

finally, stop underrate sakura & tsunade because they are great characters with so many potienal and without doubt they are best female characters in the series and thanks for reading