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    My opinion about Madara as a character and villain

    Am I the only one who is not impressed by Madara and thinks there are other better villains than him in both Naruto and specially in Naruto Shippuden, like Orochimaru, Nagato, Obito and even Kabuto ?

    !!! This is just my opinion and please do not take this thread as a hater one because that's what I feel about Madara, I've even tried to prove my statements and didn't just call him names, that's my opinion about him and I want to know if others have the same opinion or feel the same.

    Madara said that he hates weak people and that they're ugly but the irony is that these ugly people are the reason or at least of of the main reasons he became so powerful and here I'm referring to MS. In my opinion, if by killing something or someone you gain a power or become more powerful then that means that that something or someone really means a lot, is valuable and it's definitely not weak. In Madara's case that something/someone is the human or more specifically human life(the ones who know Zeref might realize where I'm getting at).

    It was never confirmed that Madara truly ever loved someone, it's said that he loved his little bro', Izuna, but never confirmed, and even when Madara himself talked about him, he didn't even gave me the impression he was sorry he took his eyes or at least because he died.

    He thought that his own clan betrayed him just because people from it were already fed up with fights and wars and wanted to stop with them.

    The only one who Madara cared about and took seriously was Hashirama because he could keep up with him and even beat him.. Hashirama.. Hashirama who was against Madara's convictions.. Another irony: Hashirama was not only the guy who beat Madara but also the one who saved and prolonged Madara's life time. Seeing Madara sustained and kept alive by the power of his very rival and the man who beat him it's just..

    The thing which irritates me the most about Madara is that he doesn't even ****ing know who he is, he killed countless people that some of them were not even shinobi and were innocent people, he killed his own little brother because he became blind and used the pretext: to protect and to continue leading the clan and didn't even lead it the proper way, he didn't care about his people, he only cared about himself and him being the most powerful, he was kept alive by Hashirama's power and yet he had the balls to talk **** about him, if I were Madara I would shut up, really.. and he showed up and said that the shinobi are kids, weak and ugly ?! That amazes me in a very bad way.

    Nagato aka Pein, yeah... he is a villain because in my opinion a villain can be called a good villain when his actions bring major and positive changes in his/her Anime Universe. Also a good villain has good, impressive and impactful backstory. A good villain doesn't mean a super powerful or the most powerful character that can blow up planets or the Universe, hell no..

    There's not even a single thing that I agree with Madara, not even one. I think Madara is a decent villain just because his cruelty and raw power, and that there are far much better villains in Naruto and Naruto Shippuden.
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