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    Orochimaru & the Ouroboros

    The Ouroboros is a symbol of a serpent eating its own tail, making a circle, symbolizing eternity and the cyclical nature of time and the universe

    Orochimaru is also a serpent:

    The Ouroboros is also a symbolic motif associated with alchemy and time travel as seen in various works of fiction:

    Noein: To Your Other Self (Anime) - the Ouroboros signals quantum time travel

    Thorgal (Comic Book) - A ring that allows time travel takes the form of an Ouroboros

    Lost (TV Series) - the ouroboros is worn as a brooch by one of the female characters, her role is to tell another character (who is in the past, but with memories of his future), to not deviate from the timeline he remembers)

    Adisesha (Hinduism) - a primordial being in Hinduism much like the ouroboros who coils and forms the seat of Vishnu. a symbol for infiniteness and the endlessness of time.

    Legacy of Kain (video game) - a recurring plot element involves immortal consumers of blood and Time Travel. The guardian of time Mobeius has a staff that resembles an Ouroboros, the time streaming chambers have the symbol of the ouroboros at the top

    It's possible that Orochimaru is the ouroboros symbol in Naruto, representing time travel, he could be the instrument for Sasuke to travel back in time and meeting The One(s) Who Knows Everything
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