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    Chapter four Success for the students and the villains

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    Chapter 4 Success for the students and the villains

    Naruto: Clever if I did not just hear your entire plan.
    Kushina: See that why I said he had the upper hand.
    Neji: Ok, great I am totally screwed (sarcastically).
    Kushina: I would not use a genjustu since dad seems to be immune to it.
    Neji: How the hell is he immune to a genjustu.
    Shinamura: Well at least he can't dodge this.
    Shinamura quickly pulls out a scroll takes the brush from it pulls the ink out and hold the paper. Quickly he paint two foxes. One of the foxes grabs the kunia and Naruto's hand and the other fox tackles Naruto to the ground. During all this Neji was able to escape. Then Neji went on the offenses.

    Neji: Earth style: Earth flow river, Earth style: Earth Dragon Bullet.
    Just as the mud bullets hit Naruto. Naruto used the substitution justu to avoid the attack.
    Shinamura and Neji: Yes we pinned him down.
    Kushina: Oh, yes we got him (sarcastically). No seriously that a substitution. See look closely.
    Neji: Ok, how the heck did you notice that.
    Kushina: Back when my dad was teaching Fire style justus and when he taught me Fire style: Fire Dragon Flame. I thought I had finally managed to hit him when a cloud of smoke appeared and all that was burning was wood.
    Shinamura: Well that explains how you noticed it. Now where is he?
    Kushina: Screw that let find a defendable location where we can talk about without dad over hearing.
    Neji: Well that also works because we need to rest. I will activate the sharrigan to see if anyone follows us.

    All three leave the muddy and burning part of the trees to search for the a nice place to relax. Naruto was hiding in the undergrowth right behind Kushina and thought damn if that was me they would have gotten the bells. Well I will just have to follow them carefully.
    The three kids arrive and a clearing with a pile of rocks behind them and set up a perimeter use Earth style and plenty of kunia traps. Naruto watches from a distance and see the traps beginning put up when they head back to their camp. Before they could come up with a plan a smoke bomb hit the ground and release a red cloud of smoke. Just before the battle begins Kushina reverse summons a shadow clone and releases it and goes into Sage mode. Kushina finds her father and starts to fight him as Neji use a wind justu.
    Neji: Wind Style: Rotating Shuriken.
    Neji throws five shuriken to clear the air. Once the air clear Naruto and Kushina are locked in fight when she manages to touch the bells. Unknown to Naruto it was her job to keep his hands and eyes occupied while Shinamura paint three small foxes to steal the bells. Just as the smaller foxes touch the bells Naruto punches it. The ink disappears and leaves Naruto vulnerable to physical attacks and Kushina takes advantage of this and throws three kunia at her dad. However Naruto is too fast and blocks the kunia but the second fox grabs the bells and yanks them off Naruto. Naruto throws a kunia to hit it and succeeds but before he can retrieve them the third fox gets the bells and give it to Shinamura who release the justu and picks up the bells.
    Naruto: Sorry to say this but you guys … (pauses for suspense) passed. Nice teamwork.
    All three are shocked then start to cheer excitedly because they passed the test.
    Naruto: Before you can become an officially part of the team you must meet the fifth member. He was just watching silently without helping me or giving me charka.
    Kushina: Um dad there is none here but us.
    Naruto: Wrong Kushina. Meet Kurama.
    Naruto goes into buuji mode and pull a perfect buuji transformation and switches to Kurama. The three students stare in shock as the orange fur appears and a giant fox with nine tails appears
    Kurama: (In his annoyingly deep voice) Welcome to team 7. I am the tailed beast Kyuubi. My name as Naruto said is Kurama and he is my jinchuuriki and partner now. Welcome to the team and I hope we get to work together in the near future.
    The three students are still in shock as Naruto goes back to his human form and he switches places with Kyuubi.
    Naruto: Now that we have that out of the way since you won I am treat at Ichiraku.
    The three students all say yes.

    The scene switches to a dark cave
    An evil eye opens to reveal a orange color on the iris and the pupil looks similar to Kyuubi's eye.
    In its deep voice: You have failed because people think that pitiful excuse for five tailed deer ordered you to kill Orchimaru. Kyuubi is now going to be alerted to a mysterious presence.
    The five rouge Shinobi from the hidden Stone: Sorry my lord forgive us.
    In its deep voice: I shall think about but if you ever fail me again you are going to get killed and then eaten am I clear.
    The five rouge Shinobi from the hidden Stone: Yes my lord.

    Teams sevens first assignments. link =
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