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    .If a 25 year old Girl still watching Anime, is she weird? ( am I weird ? )

    Okay. First of all, I am a girl, 25 years of age.
    I'm watching Anime for more than half of my life now.

    The deal is, almost 85 percent of my Female Highschool classmates were married and had children already.
    Me, Here still Thinking, How Naruto will end. Is Sasuke going to die? Bleach is Awesome. so on and so forth.

    Most girls of my Age,at least those i knew, Fantasized Celebrity for a Boyfriend.
    Me, All bishounens. ( manga and Anime.)
    First Boyfriend : Heero Yuy. LOL::D

    When someone saw me watching Anime the first thing they will tell me..( Ur still watching this ? )
    And that would make me feel like I'm different.

    I want to hear from you guys, especially for those NB members aged 23 + and up.

    Thank You.


    I needed to edit this after receiving many replies. I didn't expect to get more than 100 replies.
    I was expecting at least 20 to 30 since the majority of the members were 18 and below. I think?

    I just need to clarify some things:

    I'm not a Bummer. I do have a regular work.

    and Its not about the getting married part. These day its easy to get marry, but it takes hell to get out. LOL.

    : Please state your true age when you reply.
    : All opinions are important.
    Bad and good comments , I treated it all the same.

    Thank YOu.
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