To explain why I believe there is no Afterlife, I will use a tale directly from the Bible itself: The resurrection of Lazarus.

Lazarus was a holy man and a friend of Jesus. Now, when Lazarus died, even Jesus was in grief and was driven to tears. This caused Jesus to bring Lazarus back from the dead.

But, think about this for a second. Lazarus was Jesus' friend. That means that Lazarus was holy enough to get into Heaven, right? But, since Heaven is the greatest place ever, why would Jesus remove him from there just to bring him back to Earth, just so he die a second time? Why would he do that to someone whom he cared so much about?

Now, I understand that Jesus could have brought him back to ease his and others' grief. But Jesus isn't a selfish person, and this is a selfish act. Jesus also has shown that he does not use his power for personal benefit, such as when Satan tempted him.

This is why I don't believe we go to Heaven when we die. Thoughts?

Note: Please don't see things like Jesus and God and stuff doesn't exist. No one cares and this discussion is based on their existence. If you don't believe they exist, but still wanna discuss, then pretend they exist, pretend this is from an anime/manga.