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  • loop holes are making it dead

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    kishi trolled naruto manga

    guys after chapter 447 naruto manga really lowered its standard

    don't u feel it . so many twists and turns without any logic

    now madara sama advertising himself and his plan everywhere

    if madara sama wanted to capture the beasts he could have done it in few days himself

    then why did he take the services of akatsuki
    they are 100 of loop holes now in naruto manga but kishi is creating more and more questions but not giving answers of any of them

    so main fact is that kishi is after chapter 446 is out of mind
    in 448 chapter he revived everyone (at that time i it looked like dbz)

    after that so many twists and turns(actually most twists(over 90%) were to much predictable that most of us didn't surprised by them )

    also many more flaws and loop holes in the series
    kishi is creating more and more questions but didn't answered the previous questions yet

    the main reason for naruto manag become a sinking ship are

    1. kishi lost interest in naruto series
    2. kishi is thinking to start a new manga series
    3. kishi has some personel problems( i mean he is not mentally into manga)
    4. presurre from publishers
    5. kishi becomes too much greedy
    6. one piece beat out naruto in recent chapters with fairly high margins
    7. they are taking data from fan fictions and forums and twisting story according to it

    so i believe watching and reading these bad shaped chapters it is better that kishi must take a break(around 2 months) and rest and free his ind so that next time he will come with more logic and great ideas

    i edit it again

    even it is stated by kishimoto himself in a interview that whatever u want u can't get it all time
    kishi said he wanted to add some more adult moments into it
    so publishers do change the story a lot
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    Re: kishi trolled naruto manga

    it feels like he just added new shit all the time without explain things and i agree he probably reads forum maybe not this one but ones in japan where people try to predict and honest some of his fans probably did predict so he panicked and changed something so until Tobi takes his mask off i still cant believe he is madara, coz kishi might change his mind and say oh well tobi is really Iruka sensei or Itachi and Sasuke's dad. Who knows thought

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    Re: kishi trolled naruto manga

    Yeah Me On Someone On This Forum Was Speaking About It The Other Day I Dont Think Kishi Is Fully Writing His Story Any More I Think His Boss And Adviser Are Making Him Add Extra's In His Story To Boost Up Sell's Views Or Whateva Cause Lately It Hasnt Seem As His Work

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    Re: kishi trolled naruto manga

    I think you could look a lot further to see how much the manga has changed. Remember when Naruto was all about the hard working ninja being able to beat geniuses? The whole Naruto wanting to save Sasuke feels like a very tired plot and power levels have dramatically risen following the TS. Not to say I haven't enjoyed it which I have but the Chuunin exams and Sand/Sound Invasion feels very much like a distant memory.

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