Right guys, Just hear me out on this one cause there is some sense behind the weird title.

So during the attack on Konoha by Obito those many years ago, Minato sealed the Ying chakra inside himself due to the fact Naruto as a child wouldn't be able to handle the full front on the angry demon.

Now that He has been revived he two has essentially what naruto has, He is a jinnchurki. Now Minato does not have mastery over Kurama like Naruto does, But in theory could Minato develop these skills if he were to say "Remain" in the manga for that amount of time?

WHICH leads me to my next two questions,

Would Minato be faster? ,

as lets face it, Kurama is at least 50% of Naruto's overall strength whilst Minato is self developed.


Madara stated " I cannot be a host while in this dead body " will the rule also apply to Minato? (Also how did obito get the tailed beasts in the 7 hosts he was controlling via IWR)

PS- do we think inside minato there will be the whole "Gates holding back kurama" sort of lay out?