Just wanted to let you know what the chapters/story mode are going to be like!
Now the prologue is going to be Nine tails attacking Leaf and minato vs Masked Man boss battle!
Chapter 1 is Sasuke vs the Kages!
Chapter 2 is Guy vs Kisame!
Chapter 3 is Naruto vs Kyubi!!!
Chapter 4 is when kabuto attacks the island!!
Chapter 5 is Gedo vs Choji!!
Chapter 6 is Kakashi Group vs 7 Ninja Swordsmen.*hack and slash feeling*
Chapter 7 is Darui and his crew vs Ginkaku & Kinkau*Lots of battles*
Chapter 8 is when naruto and bee joins the war!!*this chapter will have lots of boss battles/mini bosses
Chapter 9 is edo kages vs Gaara & Tsukikage &naruto
Chapter 10 is Madara vs 5 Kages:D
Fragment believe is when Tobi gets unmasked maybe or that might be a secret factor while Kabuto vs Uchiha Brothers?
These we're all trophies/achivements