Ok i have a couple thoughts here, post what you feel.

-So we have the 4 Hokages back under the control of Orochimaru first of all.

-The first thing that comes to mind is that Tobirama(2Hokage) who created Edo Tensei in his prime will try to break through, or try to do something smart against oro orders and finally shine and show why he is the 2nd hokage! we need to know more about him

-Hashirama and Madara will meet again so Madara will finally get upset and show his real potentials.Also the past of those two will be finally revealed in the anime! (fillers are always in the anime, but this one should be interesting :zonder

-Minato and Naruto will meet in the battlefield, this is going to be a very emotional time for naruto, maybe when minato see that his son has become friends and control the power of the nine tails he might be release from the edo tensei, and this might trigger something within naruto to go to a next level of fighting (not really saying a power up)

-The other half of the Kuubi(minato) is released from the Deathgod so maybe Naruto will be complete!!!

-Ooorochimaru got his arms back also he was compatible inside a Zetsu body so maybe he has the cells of Hashirama too..Will he go to the battlefield?Or as he said this is not his war?!Kishimoto in his interview did said that Sasuke and Naruto will meet in THIS war!

what you guys think?