I still think orochimaru is... the final villain in this series. Why you ask? because i dont think hashi vs madara going to happen during the war. There is a chance orochimaru might turn on sasuke after the discussion they'll have with kages and maybe take over sasuke's body. i think there is going to be a fight between naruto vs 4 kages+sasuke/orochimaru
i think its naruto's job to defeat obito +madara+juubi and he will with allaince i think because all he said he will kick they a** and i think kishi will let that happen. After that naruto will fight 4 kages and if he wins it will show that his dream come true (to become the strongest hokage in history)

sorry for unprofessional prediction just wanted to share my prediction

you never know its kishi we talking about
here is an icecream for reading my post :ice: