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thank god that I wasn't the only person that chose minato, and that Hiruzen got a well deserved one vote.

Yeah, Minato seems to have an advantage at this state. Unlimited teleporting, giant rasengans flying everywhere, yin kyuubi chakra burning everything it touches, yeah...just a disaster.

Now Hashirama, has the original mokuton, who knows, his skill in mokuton may be far superior to madaras'.

Tobirama, he can free himself of the edo jutsu, and he'll be immortal just like madara...giant Tsunamis spreading all over the landscape anyone?

Hiruzen, ehhh...unlimited ash flying in everyone's eyes, then casting katon...just kidding, he may reveal several uncanny jutsus, that will prove more than useful...

BUT, minato, still has more of an advantage, he's basically untouchable...

Edit: Just a Theory/Opinion...so relax.
What if naruto is able to absorb that yin chakra and make the kyuubi whole again? A fully powered Kyuubi jinchuuriki would be extremely devastating. Also don't forget Minato can transfer chakra rather well.