Apparently everyone knows the future.

Almost every comment i read about todays chapter is like "Oh and yeah i called it" Or "Just as i said 10 months ago guys, im so smurt".

Lol its soooo funny.

When i think i find some comments that are nice and keep reading, it just gets stupid because they can't help themselves and have to include "Oh btw guys i told u this was going to happen".

Congratulations to all the psychics on narutobase!

Srsly though, i didnt call anything or make any predictions or read any. I like the surprises and in no way butthurt from getting a prediction wrong like some trolls might say in this thread. I really like the way things have turned out in the manga today. Very good chapter.

Now, can you tell me if i will have a kidney stone tonight when i piss or will i finally be able to piss smoothly for once?

(Also) Anyone know why oro put that snake head thing into zetsu? I am guessing he did that so he could have full control over the edo's without a kunai seal or w/e. Any thoughts about that?