Last one till friday this is enough funny out of me ^_^


Dude WTF did you do to my granddaughter?

I raped her!

You raped my granddaughter?

Yep Metaphorically.... and Literally!

So... why is she split half

She couldn't handle my wood.

What?.. Now way you were always so small

Yah but that was before you put your dna in me and i got my rinnegan

oh well yah that makes sense Mine is the largest and hardest in the world. but still I doubt shes split in half cause you raped

What proof do you have?

um Idk lemme think.... oh yah the fact that shes split HORIZONTALLY!

F*ck he caught on Gotta make a run for it.

Damnit he got away. Guess i might as well go put tsunade back together and heal the other kage. Don't Want minato's brat becoming Hokage just yet now do we.

F*ck you Hashirama F*ck you i just wanted to be with Dan.....

I like this one its funnier
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