I was doing some thinking and old manga reading and thought up this question: Just how fast is Minato's FTG? I went looking for the old anime stuff and watched "Death Match" again. For those who don't know, that's the next one after Obito unleashed the Kyuubi on The Leaf Village. Minato was comparing the speed of his new enemies technique with his own. He also deducted that he was using S/T ninjutsu far exceeding The Second Hokage's technique. Realizing that a level 1 tech was not going to stop him, he bumped it up to level 2. With him doing that, he leveled the playing field and gave himself a slight advantage. My personal opinion is that he can go to level 3 or maybe 4. Who knows. My question to everyone is: Do you think FTG exceeds level 2 or is that the highest that he can go?